The Slammer
The Slammer
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The Slammer - Episode 9
Series 2 - First broadcast: Friday 23 May 2008, BBC ONE, 4:35pm

Mr Burgess has taken over from the Governor while he is away on holiday. But just as he's in the office reading some confidential documents, the Guv arrives, dressed in a colourful shirt and wearing sunglasses. Luckily, he didn't notice what Frank was reading. The Governor, who had a very relaxing holiday in Rotherham, is back earlier than Frank expected. "Nothing can stress me out", the Guv tells Frank and Jeremy, who's also in the office. But then Jeremy drops a bombshell. "We forgot to put on any Freedom Shows while you were away, uncle!" The Governor knows that without any Freedom Shows, the prisoners get bored and tetchy.

And he's right. Peter Nokio and Melvin are in their cell. Pete is lying down on the ground. He’s bored. And Melvin is tetchy! He suggests to play hide-and-seek. But Pete doesn't want to play. Last time, Mr Wonky won by hiding in the oven. The Governor interrupts them with an announcement. He's got two bits of good news for the inmates. "First, I'm back! And the second, I've decided to call an emergency Freedom Show!" The acts he's selected to take part are The Mind Readers, Chris Green, Jonathan Arons and the Freestyle Basketballers.

Mr Burgess enters the Guv's office. He tells him that a new inmate has arrived. It's a disk jockey. It's Tony Blackburn! The Governor is star-struck when the legendary DJ enters his office. He got ten years for playing criminal records at wedding discos. The Governor welcomes him, and tells him he's arrived just in the middle of a boredom crisis. "A boredom crisis? Maybe I can help!" Tony suggests. He’s got a little suitcase with him, and in no time, he transforms it to a mobile radio station! The Governor thinks it's a great idea to have radio to boost morale. Melvin enters the office. When he sees the mobile radio station he asks if he can have a go as well. Melvin used to be on a pirate radio, but was made to walk the plank. Tony tells him he can't just become a good DJ overnight. According to Tony, music's a  powerful thing… A very powerful thing…

> Watch: Tony Blackburn arrives

And soon everyone in the Slammer is enjoying the new radio station. Even Mr Burgess is dancing to Tony's tunes! Peter Nokio also likes the new DJ, but Melvin doesn't. He's sat in his cell with two hankies in his ears. He wanted to be the DJ, and he doesn't want to listen to Tony, who's about to play something special for the prison guards. "It's something you've probably never heard before. This is something I've produced myself. I think you'll find this very entrancing."

> Watch: Everyone's enjoying Tony's tunes

But while the record is playing, everyone in the Slammer starts to fall asleep! Everyone, apart from Melvin. He notices everyone in the prison is asleep and runs to the Governor's office, but there's no one there. Tony must have escaped! Melvin decides to use the mobile radio station to try and wake everyone up. He doesn't really know how to use it however, and puts a regular CD on it. It’s a terrible sound, and it wakes everyone up.

Tony is at the Slammer's gate. He's trying to open it, but doesn't quite know which key to use. Luckily, Gimbert and Mr Burgess spot him. "He won't get very far! Those are my car keys", Burgess explains. The Governor orders for him to be taken to the music cell, as it's showtime! After the Freedom Show, the Governor decides Tony Blackburn's real punishment. "We're going to send you somewhere where you'll never be heard of ever again, Radio Cleethorpes!"

> Watch: Tony tries to escape
> Watch: Freedom Show highlights

The results of the Freedom Show:
Chris Green / 78.7
The Mind Readers / 82.4
Jonathan Arons / 87.8
Freestyle Basketballers / 95.6

The Governor, back from Rotherham!

Pete is bored and Melvin is tetchy

Mr Burgess and Tony Blackburn

Tony's special record...

Mr Burgess and Jeremy Gimbert

Tony tries to escape!