The Slammer
The Slammer
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The Slammer - Episode 8
Series 2 - First broadcast: Friday 16 May 2008, BBC ONE, 4:35pm

The Governor has gathered all his inmates and warders. He's very excited, as it's time for the Slammer Lottery! The lottery will help the Governor decide who's going to get a place on the Freedom Show. Mr Burgess isn't too happy, having to release the balls. The four lucky inmates are Andy Gebhardt, Duo Full House, Kis Faludy and Felicity the Invisible Juggler. The Guv tells them to get ready for the show. It starts in a few hours!

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Peter Nokio is a bit annoyed that he didn't get chosen to perform, once again. Melvin assures him he'll get chosen one day. "What, with my luck? They don’t call me the Queen's Nose for nothing", Pete replies. But at least he's not as unlucky as Jimmy Jinx, the world’s unluckiest clown. He's the Slammer's newest inmate.

Mr Burgess takes Jimmy to his cell. Jimmy is adamant he didn't do anything wrong. He tells Burgess it was all bad luck. "I wasn’t clowning around with banana skins. It was an accident. It was just bad luck!" Burgess tells him there's no such thing as bad luck. According to him, it's all human incompetence. However, he soon changes his mind when walks into a lost lamp post… Twice!

The Governor is shocked when Mr Burgess tells him that Jimmy Jinx has arrived. "What! Jimmy Jinx, in this prison!? Oh, run for your life!" He starts panicking and accidentally runs into his office's door. Jimmy Jinx just brings bad luck. And according to the Guv, it's started already! "We're doomed!", he shouts. He orders Jeremy Gimbert to prepare Jimmy for release. But Mr Burgess is not sure. He says they can't just go releasing prisoners willy-nilly.

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It's lunchtime. Melvin, Pete and Charlie Chimp are joined by Felicity, the Invisible Juggler. She can'’t wait for the show to start and thinks this really could be her big break. Jimmy Jinx is looking for a place to sit, but accidentally bumps into Felicity. She's hurt and won't be able to perform on the Freedom Show. All because of Jimmy Jinx! And it's not long before he accidentally trips over another inmate! Everyone agrees, Jimmy brings bad luck.

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But the Guv has a problem. He's only got three acts for the Freedom Show now. Jimmy offers to take Felicity's place. He says he can do some knife throwing, or some fire breathing! But the Governor doesn't even want Jimmy to go near his stage, let alone perform! Jimmy says he's fine with that. "I'll just stay here in the Slammer in serve me full 13 years of imprisonment!". Not willing to put up with Jimmy for that long, the Governor offers him the spot on the Freedom Show.

It's showtime! Jimmy is the last to perform, and decides to sing a song. His performance went down well with the audience, but sadly, he ended up in second place. Unlucky! Now the only way Jimmy could get out of the Slammer was if some blithering idiot left the prison gate open. But that can easily be arranged…

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The results:
Andy Gebhardt / 76.0
Duo Full House / 75.6
Kis Faludy / 83.9
Jimmy Jinx / 81.5

Jeremy Gimbert

Burgess walks into a lamp post

Jimmy Jinx brings bad luck

Jimmy Jinx at lunchtime

Jimmy's Freedom Show performance

Someone left the prison gate open...