The Slammer
The Slammer
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The Slammer - Episode 7
Series 2 - First broadcast: Friday 9 May 2008, BBC ONE, 4:35pm

Frank Burgess and Jeremy Gimbert are in the Governor's office. It's time for his breakfast, and, according to the Guv, breakfast is the most important and nutritious meal of the day. He's about to have a delicious cream cake when a fax arrives. It's an order from the Prison Ministry, so it must be quite important! "Nothing's more important than breakfast";, says the Guv. But just as he's about to have a bite, another fax arrives! Frank notes that the fax is marked 'More Important Than Breakfast' as he hands it to the Guv. The fax orders that all prisoners must watch The Weakest Link and have portions of spare ribs and special fried rice. It also points out that there must be a roller skating act in the Freedom Show. "Have they gone raving mad!?", the Governor asks himself. The Slammer hasn’t got a roller skating act! But orders are orders, so the Governor has to hold auditions to find the best inmate who can roller-skate. The winning act wins themselves a place on the Freedom Show, along with the acts that the Guv has already chosen. They are The Amazing Christopher, Duo Veslovski and Grim Baldi and his bear.

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Peter Nokio is feeling a bit down. The whole prison has gone roller skating crazy, and Melvin and he are the only inmate who haven't got a pair of roller skates. But Melvin's arranged a pair of skates for them. In order to get them, he did have to swap a few bits and bobs from their cell. Well, he basically swapped everything he could find! They're hoping to win the skate competition, so they can perform on the Freedom Show. "If we win, and once the relevant paperwork is complete, we can both get home", says Melvin. There's only one tiny problem. Neither of them can skate!

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The auditions are in full swing, but so far, the Governor, Frank and Jeremy Gimbert, who were hoping that the Slammer would be full of talented roller skaters, are a bit let down. Not even one of the inmates can skate! The Governor was looking for a star, but he only managed to find a load of black holes. And it’s nearly Showtime! Melvin and Pete come skating in. They're not good, but they do manage to stay upright on their skates. The Governor must have a roller skating act on the Freedom Show, so he offers the spot to Melvin and Pete.

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As the Freedom Show gets underway, Melvin and Pete try to rehearse their act. All's not going well however, and they soon end up skating around the prison, not being able to stop! They hit the prison gate, eventually. They're not able to perform anymore, so the heat is on for the Governor to get another roller skating act on his Freedom Show! Whilst he goes and tries to find his act, Jeremy Gimbert entertains the audience with his keyboard skills. The Governor asks the acts in the greenroom if one of them would be able to roller-skate. Surprisingly, Duo Veslovski, who performed earlier, reveal that they're also pretty good roller skaters. The Freedom Show is saved!

The audience loved the Veslovskies and gave both of their acts very high scores!

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The results:
The Amazing Christoper / 83.6
Duo Veslovski / 86.3
Grim Baldy And The Bear / 76.4
Veslovski Rollerskaters / 92.8

The Governor

Jeremy Gimbert and Frank Burgess

Peter Nokio, Titch and Melvin Odoom

Britain's Got Wheels

Melvin and Pete

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