The Slammer
The Slammer
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The Slammer - Episode 4
Series 2 - First broadcast: Friday 18 April 2008, BBC ONE, 4:35pm

The Governor has come up with a new idea to select prisoners for the Freedom Show. A game of hide-and-seek! Both the Governor and Jeremy Gimbert, his clumsy nephew, are very excited. The Governor gathers all his inmates to the stage. The prisoners have to count down from fifteen, whilst the Governor tries to find a good hiding place. The first four acts to find him get the chance to perform on the Freedom Show later that day. He hides in a cupboard in the greenroom. But just as the inmates start looking for the Governor, his electronic watch starts beeping!

It doesn't take the inmates very long to find the Governor. The first to find him were Jeff Jay, the trampolining sensation, Dennis Teeth and his surprisingly sweet sounding saw, Marc Metral, the incredible ventriloquist and Timo Marc with his amazing magical illusions. They get the chance to perform for freedom! The Governor's watch is still beeping. Usually, when his watch goes off, it's to remind him of something. Suddenly it springs to mind. Today's the day Erica the Critic gets released from solitary confinement!

Jeremy wants to know more about Erica the Critic. The Governor tells him it's a terrible woman, who put loads of acts in The Slammer with the nasty things she wrote about their performances. But one day, Erica snapped watching an X-factor auditions special. "She said he could do better herself... but she couldn't. Straight to solitary of course!" But even the Governor can't keep Erica in there forever. Gimbert is scared!

> Watch: Erica gets released from solitary confinement

So Erica is on the loose in the prison, tarnishing the performers with her criticism. She's calling the inmates feeble and dull! Even Mr Burgess, who normally likes a bit of rudeness, sarcasm and undermining people's confidence, thinks Erica is going a bit too far. But his remarks go unnoticed when Erica calls his intervention the least convincing performance of a scary prison officer that she has ever seen! "Wooden, dramatically unsuccessful and about as frightening as High School Musical!" she calls Frank's performance. Burgess is livid!

> Watch: Erica criticises Mr Burgess

The four lucky acts chosen to perform in the Freedom Show are in the Governor's office. They tell the Governor they don't want to perform when Erica the Critic is on the loose. When they hear Erica criticising a dog, the acts all run out of the office! The Governor goes after them, but bumps into Erica! Luckily, Melvin's just coming out of his cell. Erica does a quick inspection, but can't find anything wrong about him! So the Governor decided that Melvin should share his cell with Erica. "You keep her quiet, while I think of a way out of this mess." Melvin, who shares his cell with Peter Nokio, is told to throw out his friend!

Peter is having a tea party with his puppet friends when Erica arrives in his cell. "Nokio, Peter Nokio! What a surprise you're still in here! Now, what was it I wrote about you? Peter Nokio, what a load of old ..." Erica gets slapped in the face by Charlie Chimp! She's furious, and sets about destroying all of Peter's puppet friends! Luckily, Melvin soon finds a way to stop her. "Pick on someone your own size!" he shouts when a giant pink monster comes in and flattens Erica!

The Governor is relieved! The Freedom Show is saved! The acts can now perform in total safety. Gimbert is given the task of blowing up Erica again. She can't stay squished forever! It's showtime!

> Watch: Erica gets squished!
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The Results:
Timo Marc / 95.5
Dennis Teeth / 88.2
Marc Metral / 94.7
Jeff Jay Trampoline / 95.2

Freedom Show Hide-and-seek!

Erica the Critic gets released from solitary confinement!

Mr Burgess and Erica the Critic

Erica likes Melvin

Melvin, Ted, Jeremy, Frank, Peter and a pink monster

Erica the Critic - flattened!