The Slammer
The Slammer
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The Slammer - Episode 12
Series 2 - First broadcast: Friday 13 June 2008, BBC ONE, 4:35pm

The Governor, Mr Burgess and Jeremy Gimbert are busy in the Governor's office when Melvin comes in. He's wondering what's going on. The Governor tells him they're upgrading their technology and optimizing their infrastructure. The Governor got a new computer, and they're busy installing it. It's not any old computer, but the most sophisticated computer money can buy. The computer's connected to everything in the Slammer, including the cell doors,  the lighting and the speakers. Once it's up and running, the computer will even be able to choose the Freedom Show acts!

Gimbert is about to switch on the computer. He warns the Governor that there might be a slight power surge. The computer's powering up. The Guv's quite excited about his new computer and wants to use it straight away. Mr Burgess suggests to read the manual, which has got thousands of pages, first. He puts it on the Governor's desk. But the Guv tells Burgess he doesn't need a manual. "I know my YBox from my M3P-player, and I've had a Wee." He presses a random button on the keyboard, in order to open the prison's front gate, but the lights go out instead. "Perhaps we'd better read the instruction manual after all", the Governor concludes. Jeremy also presses a random button on computer's keyboard, and a big fan starts working. Pages from the instruction manual are scattered all around the office. The Governor wants Melvin to put all the pages back in order.

> Watch: Gimbert switches on the super computer

Back in his cell, Melvin hands the pages from the instruction manual to Pete, who's busy working with his new laptop. "The warders want you to sort out these bits of paper. It's the manual for the new super computer", Melvin tells him. Pete gets started.

After a while, Pete gets the computer up and running again. He can now control everything in the Slammer, from within his cell. They can control all the lights, alarms and doors. "There’s doors I didn’t even know existed", Pete explains. There's even a detailed grid map of the prison. Melvin's been thinking. He suggests Pete to use the computer to get himself on the Freedom Show. Melvin starts to work, but accidentally presses the wrong button! Suddenly there's lights flashing on and off, and their cell's filling up with smoke. They need to get it fixed again, but Pete's only read the first two chapters of the manual!

Meanwhile, there's panic in the Governor's office. The computer's behaving very strange, but Mr Burgess and Gimbert don't know how to stop it. The Governor needs a list of the acts that can perform on the Freedom Show. Frank manages to print out a list, but the computer suggests the strangest acts. It's picked Richard and Judy, a tin of spam, some fluff, a hamster and a rake to perform. They're going to have to use the Governor's shortlist now, which includes The Shadow Master, Matt Hennem, Snake Girl and Pluck.

It's showtime, but the computer is still causing havoc. The Governor warns the audience. Meanwhile, Pete and Melvin try to get the computer fixed. After trying almost all key combinations, Pete makes a suggestion. "It's complicated, but it might just work. Why not try Control-Alt-Delete?" They've done it! They've stopped the computer! Or have they…

> Watch: The super computer causes havoc!
> Watch: Freedom Show highlights
> Watch: Who's going to get released?

The results of the Freedom Show:
The Shadow Master / 89.4
Matt Hennem / 91.9
Snake Girl / 91.2
Pluck / 90.0

Gimbert is about to switch on the computer

Better read the instruction manual...

Melvin Odoom

Melvin's pressed the wrong button!

Frank Burgess can't even get on Facebook anymore

Melvin, Pete and his puppet friends trying to fix the computer