The Slammer
The Slammer
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The Slammer - Episode 11
Series 2 - First broadcast: Friday 6 June 2008, BBC ONE, 4:35pm

It's lunchtime, but the inmates aren't particularly enjoying their sloppy ploppy porridge, which seems to be on the menu every single day. Melvin and Pete are joined by a new inmate. He introduces himself. His name's Tony Trance. He's a stage hypnotist. Peter Nokio knows who he. Tony got eight years for forgetting to un-hypnotise an audience, which was quite embarrassing, with 200 people all still thinking they were Elvis Presley. Tony senses something. "You've got a very strong odour", he tells Pete. Melvin says he thinks it's just the porridge. He's not interested in hypnotism and thinks it's all a load of rubbish. Tony's alright with that however, as a lot of people are sceptical.

> Watch: Melvin and Pete meet Tony Trance

After lunch, Pete keeps asking questions about hypnotism. Tony tells him that in order to hypnotise someone, he has to use his magic amulet. He shows it to Pete. Tony gets Melvin to stare into the amulet. Melvin's hypnotised! Whenever someone clicks their finger, Melvin will do anything they say. "Now I want you to think your pants are on fire", says Tony. And funnily enough, Melvin starts running around like mad, thinking his pants are on fire. Tony tells Pete that Melvin will be alright in an hour… or ten. Pete wishes he could hypnotise people. Then he could make the Governor put him in the Freedom Show. He looks at the ground and sees Tony’s magic amulet. Tony must have lost it. Pete picks it up.

Back in his cell, Pete is playing around with the amulet. Melvin, still hypnotised, wants Pete to give the amulet back to Tony. He thinks it’s a bad idea to mess around with it. Pete clicks his finger and tells Melvin he that he’s French woman and that he thinks it's a great idea. "Une bonne idée", Melvin replies. Mr Burgess and Jeremy Gimbert enter the cell. Peter Nokio tells them there's nothing going on. "I'm just showing Melvin my new puppet, Mr Hypno." He gets Mr Burgess and Jeremy to stare into Mr Hypno's cheeky trinket, which is actually Tony's magic amulet. Pete's hypnotised them! "Mr Burgess, Mr Gimbert. You will now become the complete opposite of everything you normally are." He clicks his fingers and, as if by magic, Mr Burgess starts being nice to him! "I quite enjoyed meeting your little puppets for a change. I don't know why, but I really like you lad. And you too, madam Odoom. I'm going to recommend you both for immediate release."

> Watch: Pete hypnotises Mr Burgess and Jeremy Gimbert

Burgess and Gimbert are in the Governor's office. Frank wants all the prisoners to have cupcakes, fluffy pillows, complimentary mints. He thinks it's all the little sweethearts deserve. The Governor is surprised by Frank's suggestions. He suspects that something's happened, and goes to try and find out.

The Guv enters Melvin and Pete's cell. "Peter, what have you been doing?", he asks. Peter starts telling the Governor about the amulet, but then remembers that he could also hypnotise him. He gets the Governor to look at the amulet. "Governor, I want you to forget everything you saw here today. Forget everything!" Then he clicks his finger. But something went wrong, and the Governor can’t even remember who he is, or where he is! Tony Trance walks in. He's looking for his amulet. He notices Melvin, Gimbert, Burgess and the Governor standing there as if they were hypnotised. Pete tells Tony he messed up. "I've got your amulet. I wish I'd never taken it. I tried to use it to get into the Freedom Show but it's all gone horribly wrong! I need your help. Please can you help me?" Tony gets everyone back to normal by doing a very weird dance. Everyone, apart from the Governor. "It looks like you've got him in a very deep trance", Tony explains. But he's got an idea. He hypnotises Pete and tells him he's the Governor. This way, Pete can present the Freedom Show whilst he goes and tries to get the real Governor fixed.

It’s showtime! The audience is greeted by a very strange looking Governor. But after the first act, the Freedom Show gets interrupted by the real Governor, who Tony Trance got back to normal. There are now two governors on stage! But who's the real one?

> Watch: A strange looking Governor
> Watch: Freedom Show highlights

The results of the Freedom Show:
Christian Magician / 83.4
Side Swipe / 89.0
Ed Muir On Chinese Pole / 77.0
Waterman / 81.1

Tony Trance, Melvin, Ted Astaire and Peter Nokio

Peter Nokio finds Tony's magic amulet

Mr Burgess stares into the cheeky trinket

The Governor thinks there's something wrong

Pete hypnotised everyone in his cell

It's showtime!

Who's the Governor?!