The Slammer
The Slammer
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The Slammer - Episode 10
Series 2 - First broadcast: Friday 30 May 2008, BBC ONE, 4:35pm

The Governor has called all his prison warders into his office. He wants to show them a shape of things to come. He wants to introduce his staff to the next generation of prison warder. He opens the giant box that's in his office, and out comes a robot! Not any old robot. It's the warder-robot 2000, or WARDROBE 2000 for short. It's a completely computerised prison warder. WARDROBE is an Intelligent Karate Enforcement Android. It knows karate, jujitsu and the Macarena! Then the Governor drops a bombshell. "If he's half as good as his website says, you lot are going to be out of a job in three years!" The warders are shocked!

> Watch: The Governor introduces the WARDROBE 2000

It's time for WARDROBE's first patrol. It walks straight to Simon's cell. Simon's one part of the double act Spanner & Ratchet. Simon is a bit surprised to see a robot entering his cell. But it turns out WARDROBE is actually Sam's friend Robert, in disguise! He's pretending to be a robot so he can break Simon out of the Slammer. He wants to get Spanner & Ratchet, the greatest double act on Earth, to be together again.  Work has dried up since one half of the double act got locked up. So now, WARDROBE will convince the Governor that he's the best prison warder in the Slammer, in order to get the keys to the prison. Then, during the Freedom Show, he plans for them to escape.

> Watch: Spanner and Ratchet plan to escape

In the cell next door, Melvin and Pete eavesdrop on Simon and Robert's conversation. "Did you hear that!?" shouts Melvin. "We’ve got to do something!" It’s terrible in the Slammer after an escape. All the inmates are locked in their cells, Curry Night is cancelled and no one can use the jacuzzi! They've got to take action.

Later, WARDROBE 2000 is showing the Governor, Mr Burgess and Jeremy Gimbert what a great prison warder he really is. The Governor's that impressed he's decided to make WARDROBE the Warden Of The Month. "When I said that in three years time I could see the Slammer being run by a fleet of high-tech WARDROBEs, they all looked at me as if I was mad. Well, after this morning’s display, I think they were all right!" the Governor tells his staff. He also presents WARDROBE 2000 with the keys to the prison. Melvin and Pete decide to tell Mr Burgess about the robot's plans, but he doesn't want to listen. He’s angry about that robot as well and decides to have a word with the Governor.

> Watch: WARDROBE becomes Warden Of The Month

But the Governor doesn't want to hear Frank's comments. He's made his mind up. But then Frank hears the robot sneeze. He senses there's something peculiar about WARDROBE. "I didn’t know robots could sneeze", he tells the Governor. But according to his manual, WARDROBE 2000 is just like everyone else, except that he's made of metal and is operated by batteries. But whilst the Governor is reading the manual, WARDROBE opens the flap on his head and Robert sticks his tongue out to Mr Burgess! But the Guv doesn't want to listen to Frank, as it's showtime!

> Watch: Mr Burgess has a word with the Governor

Whilst the performers are entertaining everyone, Robert and Simon sneak outside. Luckily Melvin, Pete and Jeremy Gimbert notice and go after them. But will the clumsy Gimbert be able to stop Spanner and Ratchet?

> Watch: Jeremy Gimbert stops Spanner and Ratchet
> Watch: Freedom Show highlights

The results of the Freedom Show:
DDF / 87.4
The Neon Man / 74.6
Half Human Video / 83.3
TJ Wheels / 82.1

The Governor introduces the WARDROBE 2000

Robert and Simon

Melvin Odoom and Peter Nokio

WARDROBE 2000 becomes the Warden Of The Month

He's got a face!

Simon, Jeremy Gimbert and Robert