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The Slammer - Episode Guide
Series 1

> Episode 1 - 22 September 2006
Peter Nokio is desperate for a place in the Freedom Showday, whilst new recruit Jeremy Gimbert isn't having a very good day. Inmates performing include a Horn-O-Phone Man, Iona and the Acromaniacs.

Episode 1

> Episode 2 - 29 September 2006
This week the race is on to snap showbiz legend Keith Harris out of a mysterious trance in time to perform on the Freedom Show with his sidekick Orville the duck.
Performing inmates include Daniel Magness, Mr Methane and Bhavini.

Episode 2

> Episode 3 - 6 October 2006
The Governor is having financial problems. Will Melvin Odoom's smuggling scheme help him out? Performing inmates include Asher Tea, Fraser Hooper the clown, Beatbox Unorthodox and the American David and Dania.

Episode 3

> Episode 4 - 13 October 2006
Melvin plans to escape with help from Pete and Titch. Performing will be master juggler Kris Kremo, Professor Bumm and Doctor Whee, The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain and Les Bubb.

Episode 4

> Episode 5 - 20 October 2006
This week the Queen drops in but will she remember her previous encounter with Melvin? Performing this week will be a body popper, a hula hooper, a street artist and Alesha, who's hoping her new single wins her freedom.

Episode 5

> Episode 6 - 27 October 2006
It's all gone very spooky in a Halloween special as the Governor hatches a cunning plan to try and scare Mr Burgess. Performing on The Freedom Show are goth pop band Betty Curse, Penrose the Magician, Dr Bunhead and the Skeleton Crew.

Episode 6

> Episode 7 - 3 November 2006
Much to the annoyance of Mr Burgess and the Governor, a showbiz agent breaks into the Slammer. Performing for freedom will be McFly, the Physical Jerks, Leo the Unicyclist and Bruce Airhead.

Episode 7

> Episode 8 - 10 November 2006
A new inmate arrives at the Slammer, but hides a dark secret. And Peter Nokio's new puppet friend Ted Astaire earns a spot on the Freedom show. Performing this week will be Donelda and Biba, Sam Sam The Bubble Man and Out Of The Blue.

Episode 8

> Episode 9 - 17 November 2006
Melvin Odoom has to perform on the Freedom Show, but is afraid to do so. The Great Alfredo, a recidivist with an amazing disappearing act, is back at the Slammer. And with a lack of performers, the Governor takes to the stage himself, along with Frank Burgess and Jeremy Gimbert!

Episode 9

> Episode 10 - 24 November 2006
The Governor gears up for a TV interview but will it be ruined by the Slammer's mystery prankster? Also performing will be Flawless, Magician Stephen Mulhern, the brilliant Showaddywaddy and foot-juggler Hui Ling Zhu.

Episode 10

> Episode 11 - 1 December 2006
Mr Burgess' hopes of winning the Warden of the Month competition are ruined by Jeremy's attempts of getting him a girlfriend. Performing will be Two's Company, The Human Slinky, Solid Feet and Juggler Jam.

Episode 11

> Episode 12 - 8 December 2006
Alan, a dodgy ventriloquist, cunningly tries to take Peter Nokio's place on the Freedom Show by encouraging him to give up ventriloquism. Also performing are comedian Rhys Darby, Angie Hulahoopa and Joe Hearson.

Episode 12

> Episode 13 - 15 December 2006
Mr Burgess and Jermy Gimbert swap with prisoners Melvin and Peter Nokio. Performing for freedom are The Magnets, The Twins, Uno Lanka and Big Howard and Little Howard.

Episode 13

> Episode 14 - 22 December 2006
In a special Christmas episode Melvin's stage fright is cured by a bottle of pop and Mr Burgess confiscates Peter Nokio's puppets. Performing in a festive Freedom Show are Outrage, the Yo Yo people, Feeding The Fish and Bobby Badfingers.

Episode 14

> New Year's Special - 29 December 2006
The Governor presents a special selection box of some of the cleverest convict acts he's had through the doors of the Slammer in 2006. Acts include McFly, Bruce Airhead, Kris Kremo and David & Dania's quick change act.

New Year's Special