The Slammer
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The Slammer
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The Slammer - Characters

The Governor
Ted, the Governor
He's in charge of HMP The Slammer, the only prison in the world where the inmates get to perform one of their talents in order to be released to freedom.

The Governor loves entertainment, and plays the host of the weekly Freedom Showday. He always enjoys a nice sandwich.

Jeremy Gimbert
Jeremy Gimbert
The Governor's nephew, he's new to The Slammer. He used to be an ice cream seller, but he couldn't keep his job for some strange reason. Jeremy isn't one of the more intelligent prison wardens, and has been known to let notorious comedians escape.


Mr Burgess
Mr Burgess
Frank Burgess thinks he's one of the best prison wardens in the country and has a noticable dislike for prisoners Melvin Odoom and Peter Nokio. He also helps The Governor host the weekly Freedom Showday.



Peter Nokio
Peter Nokio (and Titch)
A so-called puppeteer, and his puppet. Peter Nokio is desperate to get out of The Slammer. However, his talents let him down most of the time. Peter shares a cell with Melvin Odoom.

Titch, always ready to play a prank on one of the prison wardens, is very sensitive and gets the occasional asthma attack.

Melvin Odoom
Melvin Odoom
Melvin got stage-fright at the Royal Variety Performance and has very little chance of getting out of The Slammer. He's a song and dance man and always looks on the bright side of life.