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Other shows - Ian Kirkby
CBBC (2005 / 2007)

2 December 2005

Harry Batt interrogates Sam and Mark in a special edition of Da Bungalow's Interrogation Game.

CBBC Channel, 10am - 1pm
2 April 2007 - 6 April 2007

In the run up to Easter, Harry Batt presents the links on the CBBC Channel for a whole week. Viewers can win an Easter chick in a daily competition.


Friday 2 December 2005
> Harry Batt interrogates Sam and Mark about their show "Pops Reloaded".

Monday 2 April 2007
> 11:30am; Harry finally understands the show 'Beat the boss' and reads some of the viewer's messages.
> 12:00pm; Doctor Who travels in a stolen police box from Gateshead and a crime has been committed at the BBC.
> 12:30pm; Harry speaks to a young sleuth from Swansea.
> 12:50pm; Harry doesn't understand what 'W.I.T.C.H.' is about and reads an e-mail from someone in Belgium.
> 13:00pm; There's been a development in the missing toilet roll caper and Harry needs to get himself back down the police station.

Tuesday 3 April 2007
> 10:00am; Harry shows a clip from the groundbreaking CBBC one-off special Harry Batt.
> 10:30am; 'The Slammer' is exactly the sort of programme they should be making more of, thinks Harry.
> 10:50am; Callum thinks all police officers should be children because they'd do a much better job. But Harry soon discovers a flaw.
> 11:00am; Hugo A Gogo, what kind of name is that for a master criminal?
> 11:30am; Harry points out he's a DI, not a PC.
> 12:00pm; There's been another major incident at the BBC. Someone has broken Harry's moustache comb!
> 12:30pm; Rebecca points out it was Tracy Beaker who broke Harry's moustache comb.
> 12:50pm; Fearne wants to report her brother, who has committed many crimes.
> 13:00pm; Harry needs to go back to the station, but leaves us with more stuff to watch.

Wednesday 4 April 2007
> 10:00am; Harry Batt, star of CBBC's crowning glory of the winter season, takes care of your programming all this week!
> 10:30am; You could keep watching 'The Slammer' over and over again.
> 10:50am; Harry is looking forward to Blur Peter, presented by the lovely Valery Singleton.
> 11:00am; 'Beat the Boss' is a good, clean, fair fight, but has nothing to do with fists.
> 11:30am; Harry's in love with Valerie Singleton, and hope's she's watching him just before she goes on air.
> 12:00pm; Harry's heartbroken when he learns that Val isn't presenting Blue Peter anymore.
> 12:30pm; Harry enlists Emily's help after yet another crime has been committed at the BBC.
> 12:50pm; Harry teaches viewers how to beat nervous butterflies. When he gets nervous, he thinks about The Queen.

Ian Kirkby