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Sunday 28 August 2005 - BBC TWO / CBBC Channel
Dick & Dom did some 'PopArt' on Smile. Dom painted Dick, the finished masterpiece is on the right.

Dom: New series, what can you expect from the new series. Probably a bit of that ('splat') and later on in the series we're actually going to have a bit of that ('splat') and then some of that ('splat'). We've got some great new games, we've got 'Grandma Skittles' where you basically uhm some grandmas stood up and we've got to throw stuff at them untill they all fall over.

Dick: 'Bogies' is back as well, but it's 'Celebrity Bogies'. If you've watched the Comic Relief version of Bungalow you will have remembered that we did 'Bogies' with celebrities and that's what we're doing again for the new series.

Dom: Favourite game for me has been the 'Baby Race'. (Sings: Baby Race ...)
Dick: Oh yeah.
Dom: Where we had little babies, and they were all lined-up "vroom vroom" ready to start, and they had to race onto the end. That was fantastic.

Dick: I think mine's got to be 'Bogies' dear.
Dom: Ah, right.
Dick: It is the game that you all know and love. I did one with Chris Moyles for the new series the other day cos we're doing 'Celebrity Bogies' in the new series. And went to uhm.. a library in London and he beat me. Which was a bit of a pain.
Dom: He didn't!? Did he?! He's got bigger lungs though.
Dick: He's got very big lungs.
Dom: Very big lungs..

Dom: Now, you probably think that we come up with all the ideas ... but we don't. We've actually got a very good producer, and a very good team of people who are equally as stupid and mad as us, and they come up with ideas for the games.

Dom: What makes a great Bungalow Head? Well, uhm, one that just wants to be themselves really, they're the best ones. The ones who try to hard aren't that great, you know. And the naughty ones aren't good, although they do add a bit. Just someone who's going to be themselves, the one who's a bit weird in the head.

Dick: You get a lot of competitive Bungalow Heads on the show, their a bit of a pain.
Dom: Quite a lot of the time. The mother's are even worse than the Bungalow Heads.
Dick: That's true, we do had a bit of flack of the mothers.
Dom: And then we're actually seeing one mother, calling at her little Bungalow Head kid: you're gonna give me that colour television. And she didn't, and got into a lot of trouble.
Dick: Charming! When we first started Da Bungalow, I think we thought: this is something different that's not been done for a while.
Dom: It's like 'Smile', we just started off on the CBBC digital channel. Wasn't it, we started off on the CBBC digital channel. And we were just having a load of fun. We didn't set out to win any awards or anything like that.
Dick: But we didn't expect ... no I don't think we expected to win an award, but it was great when we won, because we won a Children's Bafta for the best entertainment children's programme which is now used as a door stop. So thats the best bit about winning the award.

Dom: Parents don't think we're that bad, you get the odd one that really don't like us and don't approve us teaching their little darlings, you know, various habbits or whatever. So genuinely the parents like us because you guys all get to sit down on Saturday and because you're watching us, you leave them alone, which is great. No no, you can't look yet ... not yet! Alright now, what do you think? Here we go. Let me explain it! OK! Over here is all your (Dom makes funny noises). Over there's your (Dom makes more funny noises). And over there's a (Dom makes another funny noise).
Dick: I'll sign it
Dom: Lovely, there we are. I'll sign it as well.
Dick: Uhm .. Diiick.
Both: There we are.
Dick: Lovely.
Dom: Viewers will want that then.
Dick: I'm sure they will. They can use it in their toilet.
Dom: Yes.
Dick: Mmm.

Sunday 16 October 2005 - BBC TWO
Dick & Dom did some 'PopArt' on Smile. Dick painted this time, the finished masterpiece is on the right.

About Dick:
Dick's favourite food is a crisp and salad cream sandwich! He likes pop music and bands like Oasis. He's one half of the famous duo, Dick and Dom, and can usually be found throwing creamy muck muck around!