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March 2005

Now, if you've got kids of a certain age or if you're just a big kid at heart then you'll definetely know our next guests. Their normally in Da Bungalow, but this week they've paid a flying visit to county Down to film for Comic Relief. And we couldn't let them go home without a quick word from them.

How are you doing?
Dick: Very well, thank you.
Dom: Great thanks, freezing cold. We've just been let inside, we've been freezing out there.

Is everything going well back in London?
Dick: Yeah, really busy at the moment, we haven't got a day off, we're so busy! We're doing this thing for Comic Relief as well, which is Comic Relief In Da Bungalow. Instead of it being little people (the Bungalow Heads) it's going to be celebrities. So we've got a jam-packed celebrity special from Monday to Friday, leading up to Comic Relief.

OK, you're gonna be doing the same sort of mad stuff though.
Dom: Exactly the same, we're gonna treat the adults, the big kids, exactly the same as we treat anyone else.
Dick: They're still gonna get a bucket of Creamy Muck Muck on top of their heads.
Dom: We're still hoping that Girls Aloud are gonna be coming. A Creamy Muck Muck fight with them would be quite nice.

Have you any other names at this stage?
Dom: McFly, and ... you know what celebrities are like, they might pull out last minute. So we best not say any names. But we've got some really good ones.

Everything, obviously is gone from strength to strength with you guys. You've even been brought up in the House Of Commons. What was that all about?
Dick: One of the MP's his daughter had seen the website. And I think came up one night and caught a look at the website, which is a great website. But he was disgusted by it. He said: this is disgusting, this does not fit what the BBC should be doing in this day and age.
Dom: But he'd never actually watched the show. I think we gave him an invitation to Da Bungalow to come and watch the show, but he hasn't been yet, has he!

Bogies, is it going to make a bit of a comeback?
Dom: It will be back next series. You have to give things like that a rest. Obviously Bogies is a signature piece, so we're gonna bring that back in the new year! We'll probably take it to Japan.

Thank you so much for coming along guys.

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