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Move it like Michael Jackson
Saturday 12 December 2009

BBC Three wants you to be part of the world's largest Michael Jackson Mashup! They need you (you don't have be an expert!) to record your part of an exclusive dance routine created by Michael Jackson's own choreographer and friend Lavelle Smith Jr.

This is your chance to show off your dancing skills, just like Dick and Dom in this great video clip. What are you waiting for? Join in the fun!

> Click here for more information

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

BAFTA news from Dick and Dom!
Saturday 31 October 2009

The Legend Of Dick and Dom, now filming its second series, has been nominated for a Children's BAFTA. It's nominated in the 'Entertainment' category, where it will compete against Nickelodeon's Bratz Design Academy, CBBC's Election and Sorry I've Got No Head. Finger's crossed! As well as being nominated, Dick and Dom will also be hosting the awards this year. The awards will take place on Sunday 29 November in London.

In addition, this year's BAFTA awards also welcome back the BAFTA Kids' Vote, where children get to have their say across a whole range of entertainment media in a nationwide poll to choose their favourite film, television programme, website and video game. Children can place their votes via baftakidsvote.org.

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Time to vote!
Sunday 16 August 2009

Broadcast is 50 years old this year, and to mark the anniversary, they're asking you to vote for your top 50 TV pairings. Morecambe & Wise, Pinky & Perky or Bodie & Doyle - who are the greatest British TV and radio duos of all-time?

Dick and Dom, of course! Click here to vote for them now! The results of this survey will be published in a special 50th birthday book. The closing date for voting is 20 August 2009 at 5pm.

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

We're back!
Wednesday 24 June 2009

It's been a while, but we're back again. Actually, we never went away, but were unable to update the site for a while.

Anyway, we start off with the news that a new reality show, called "Undercover Dads" will air on CBBC next month. It will be presented by no other than Bungalow legend Dave Chapman. The show will see 13 fathers dressing up as nannies in order to find out what their children really get up to.

Each of the fathers will be sent to "nanny boot camp" where they will learn how to dress, walk and talk like a lady. The dads will spend 5 hours in make-up, and will use prosthetics to appear as a fictional TV expert called Mega Nanny in their own home for two days. Each father will be set a series of challenges over the two days which they must complete in order to win prizes for his family. However, if he lets slip his true identity he will lose all the prizes he has won.

In other news, the third series of Sky One's "Are You Smarter" will not be hosted by Dick and Dom anymore. But don't worry, as the hit CBBC show "The Legend Of Dick and Dom" will return for two more series!

And finally, Dick and Dom have joined social networking site Twitter. Visit their profile to find out what the boys get up to. Well, if they decide they want to post something, that is.

More to come soon, on da new and improved Bungalow Online!

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Let's dance... for Comic Relief
Saturday 14 February 2009

Dick and Dom are no strangers to Comic Relief. This year, they will be taking part in celebrity dance show "Let's Dance For Comic Relief".

The programme will run over four weeks, comprising three heats and culminating in a spectacular final dance off on Red Nose Day weekend. The show will see some of the nation's favourite celebrities pay homage to iconic dance routines in a bid to wow viewers with their moves and a chance to be crowned champion of the dance floor.

Each week a celebrity act (a mix of solo dancers, duos and groups) will recreate a number of famous dances from movie classics such as Saturday Night Fever and High School Musical – to pop classics such as Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) and Thriller (Michael Jackson).

The show will be hosted by Claudia Winkleman and Steve Jones and launches on BBC ONE from Saturday 21 February. Free tickets can be booked on the Applause Store website.

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Da Bungalow's back: Da Dick and Dom Dairies
Thursday 22 January 2009

Get out your Creamy Muck Muck, dust off your tinned tomatoes and take that jar of Dirty Norris from under your bed! Da Bungalow's back! Starting this Monday, you'll be able to relive the madness of Dick and Dom in da Bungalow with CBBC's new show 'Da Dick and Dom Dairies' (yes, it's written correctly)!

Featuring highlights from all five series of Da Bungalow, appearances by old Bungalow Heads and new comedy sketches featuring Dick, Dom and the rest of the gang (that includes a certain Detective Inspector), Bungalow fans cannot afford to miss this brilliantly amazing show!

It's on every weekday on BBC TWO, at 8am, for four whole weeks! Not to be missed!

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

The Legend Of Dick & Dom... is coming!
Friday 5 December 2008

It's Dick and Dom's eagerly awaited return to CBBC! Their brand new sitcom, "The Legend Of Dick & Dom", starts on BBC ONE on Friday 2 January 2009 at 5:05pm. Don't miss it!

But what's it about?! Well, the legendary kingdom of Fyredor is cursed by a horrible plague, and when two bungling princes destroy the only cure, they are sent out to replace it, banished from returning home until they have collected every ingredient.

Keep an eye out on the site for more updates, and why not join social networking site Facebook to get in touch with other fans?

> Facebook: The Legend Of Dick And Dom

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Join da Bung-A-Lympics!
Tuesday 9 September 2008

We're sure Peter Luff MP will still remember the Bung-A-Lympics! This great game used to be available on the CBBC Bungalow website before it closed down. Now you can play it again! Go to the downloads-page and look for 'games'. We've also added the Stare Game, an online version of Do Not Laugh Or You Will Lose!


Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Slammer episode guide completed
Thursday 4 September 2008

We've finally completed The Slammer's episode guide for series two. An entry for the fifth episode was missing, but now we've finally added it! We'll really try and complete our Chute! section now. Promise!

Our episode guides for Da Bungalow are also still a work in progress, but we'll get there some day. If you're able to help us complete them, drop us a line.

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Governor on SMart, Batt repeated
Sunday 31 August 2008

The Slammer's Governor, Ted Robbins, is the special guest on SMart this week! He'll be helping out Mike and Kirsten make a dream-catcher and a toy display. SMart airs every Sunday morning at 9am. If you've missed this week's episode, you can catch it again on the BBC iPlayer, or come back here later this week for video highlights.

And there's good news for Harry Batt fans as well! The Harry Batt special, in which Harry is called upon to stop a spate of illegal sofa bouncing, will be repeated tomorrow (Monday) at 4:05pm on BBC ONE!

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Dick and Dom leave Radio 1
Wednesday 20 August 2008

Dick and Dom are to leave BBC Radio 1 as part of another schedule shakeup, The Guardian reports. The boys were given the Sunday morning slot in a new Radio 1 schedule introduced in September last year. But today the station announced the pair would leave next month to pursue other projects.

And that's right! Look out for "The Legend of Dick and Dom", the boys' latest project, starting on CBBC in January 2009!

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Dick and Dom up for Kids' Choice Award
Friday 15 August 2008

Dick and Dom, soon to start shooting for their new CBBC sitcom, have been nominated in the 'favourite funny person' category of Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards. They're competing against Harry Hill, Catherine Tate and Ant & Dec.

Children and teens across the UK can vote for their favourite (well, Dick and Dom) online on the Nickelodeon website. By voting, under-sixteens could win tickets to see the award show in London. The event, which will be held on the 13th September, promises to be slimier, bigger, better and starrier than ever before!

> Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2008

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Melvin Odoom on Smart
Friday 4 July 2008

Today's star Melvin Odoom will be a guest presenter on CBBC's SMart this Sunday. He'll be creating some true masterpieces, along with Kirsten and Mike. Their 'art breakfast' will have Brazilian bongos, PVA mammoths and Klee-inspired musical art

So don't miss SMart, this Sunday at 9am on BBC TWO!

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Revisit The Slammer
Saturday 28 June 2008

Just a quick note to tell you all that the second series of The Slammer will be repeated on BBC TWO, every Saturday morning at 10:35, starting today!

And, in other news, we've nearly finished our Slammer microsite! Check it out here.

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

Site updates!
Friday 20 June 2008

Yes, we know it's been a while, but today we've started updating our Slammer microsite! We've just added information and video clips of the 7th episode, the one where The Governor puts up "Britain's Got Wheels", a spoof of the famous talent show.

And don't forget to check out the final episode of the second series of The Slammer, today at 4:35pm on BBC ONE! It guest stars Mark Benton.

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

We're still here!
Friday 30 May 2008

Apologies for the lack of updates to the site recently. We've been very, very busy... well, we've just finished watching every single episode of Dick and Dom in da Bungalow, back to back.

We'll be adding some minor bits and pieces over the coming weeks, whilst we're going to try and finish(!) updating the Chute! and Slammer sections of the website. And maybe we'll try and fix our RSS feed. So stick with us!

In other news, you might remember that (ages ago) we posted up news that Dick and Dom would be filming a new sitcom for CBBC. The 13 part series, 'The Legend Of Dick and Dom' is due for filming this Summer. We're sure it'll be brilliant!

And look out for the amazing Ross Lee in next week's episode of The Slammer! Will he be enjoying some sloppy ploppy porridge?

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

CBBC commissions 'Best Of Da Bungalow'
Monday 14 April 2008

The BBC has commissioned a 'Best Of Da Bungalow' series. Comprising 20 half-hour episodes, the series will feature highlights from all five series of the hit Saturday morning show 'Dick and Dom in da Bungalow'. Dominic Wood posted this news on his website.

Posted by: Da Bungalow Online Team

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