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Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow
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Music - song lyrics
Christmas In Da Bungalow

What are you waiting for......Christmas?

Wake up Dick and Dom and get out of bed,
We've just seen a red and white man on a sled,
We've put up lots of holly and mistletoe
Cos it's Christmas in Da Bungalow

Yo Ho Dick and Dom - in Da Bungalow
Yo Ho Dick and Dom

Hey Dick and Dom, you're way too slow
There are presents to wrap and it's starting to snow.
But you'd better start improving your behaviour a bit
Or all you'll get for Christmas is Diddly Squit

Yo Ho Dick and Dom - in Da Bungalow
Yo Ho Dick and Dom - in Da Bungalow
Yo Ho Dick and Dom - in Da Bungalow
Yo Ho Dick and Dom - in Da Bungalow

Yes, very clever, but look outside. It's not even snowing.
So what are you going to do about that then eh?

Making snowmen out of snow is really rather boring
So wait until your grandad is fast asleep and snoring
Then get some sloppy mash and hide his zimmer frame
It's time to play the Mashed Potato Grandad Snowman Game

Ooh, you've got no respect for your elders.
If the real Santa Claus could see you now

Spot the real Santa
We suggest you look for the obvious clues
Like soot on his hands and snow on his shoes
Four are imposters but one is authentic
The others are simply bearded eccentrics
Spot the real Santa

Ooh, that was rubbish. In my day we had proper singers like Diddy Dick and Diddy Dom. Singing proper songs, yes. I remember them in their heyday, back in 1998.

We are Diddy Dick and Dom
And we can't wait for Christmas Day
Especially our Christmas Dinner
A 20 lb Turkey Hip Hip Hooray
Roast potatoes and Bread sauce
Mince Pies and Christmas Pud of course
So drink a toast and raise a glass
To brussel sprouts that give you gas.

Dick and Dom Merrily on High
Oh Do you like my singing
Dick and Dom Merrily on High
Oh No I think it's Minging
You Cheeky Cheeky Chappy

Come bring us presents
Make sure they're expensive
All designer labels,
We don't want tat
They've got to be more bling bling
Than J-Lo's mothballed wedding ring
Oh come let us adore them
Oh come let us adore them
Our lovely pile of presents, piled up high

Present Love Present Love
You can never have enough
There's no such thing as over supply,
As long as our presents are piled to the sky
We will never cry.
Happy Christmas Diddy Dom
Happy Christmas Diddy Dick
Diddy Dom, what have you got me ?

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