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Library music used on the show

A list of the most used library music in da Bungalow.

Almighty Kid (The)
Media Classics CHAP 247
Tk5: Night on a Bare Mountain
Composer: Mussorgsky
Publisher: Chappel

Ants In Your Pants (Bungalow background music)
Kool Kids ATMOS-CD168
Tk7: Ants In Your Pants
Composers: Andy Blythe/Marten Joustra
Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd
More info: Itching powder & detention! Stomping rhythm with Harmonica.

Bad or Bad
Beats, Breaks & Grooves CHAPAV 175
Tk7: Smash and Grab
Composer: Simon Russell
Publisher: Chappel

Bangers & Dash - reading the odds
Classical Cuts 1 CHAP 240
Tk66: A Musical Joke
Composer: Mozart
More info: Instant Replay Cue Name - Banger Odds

Barky Cluckinson Show (The)
Cool Cities - Traditional ATMOS-CD208
Tk25: Host With The Most
Composers: Andy Blythe/Marten Joustra
Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd.

Big Bad Blooming Bungalow Bonus Bonanza Banging Booty Break Game (The)
Tk2: Good Evening And Welcome
Composers: Andy Blythe/ Marten Joustra
Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd
More info: Entertaining talkshow

Blender Kid
Tasty Bits KPM_384
Tk1: Make It Simple (a)
Composer: Laurie Cottle
More info: Catchy happy-go-lucky tune featuring clarinet
Tempo: Medium

Butt Dance (The)
Crazy Comedy GAL 9
Tk1: Wood Pecker
Composer: Lyonel Bauchet
Publisher: Galerie

Comedy Styles Vol. 1 MX8
Tk25.01: Let's Conga! (a)
Composers: Kevin L. Hiatt/Charles Blaker
Publisher: Megatrax
Tempo: Medium

Creamy Muck Muck (2003)
Early Music CHAP 210
Tk9: Galliard
Composer: Chris Payne
Publisher: Chappell

Crocodile Music
Boom And Bust - 1920-1932 CHAP236
Tk6: 1925 Charly
Composer: Roger Roger
Publisher: Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd
More info: Bouncy, comic Charleston

Crying Game (intro)
CHAP 280
Tk4: Lights Down Low
Publisher: Chappel

Fit To Burst (Bungalow Background music)
Kool Kids ATMOS-CD168
Tk19: Fit To Burst
Composers: Andy Blythe/Marten Joustra
More info: Nutty & thematic. Distored Keys & Guitars. Prepare to Gunge!

Forfeit Auction
Cartoons and Quirky Comedy BRF14
Tk2: Silly Walks
Composer: John Stuart
Publisher: Bruton

Gammon Down - play on for the animal
Nu Rock Muthas CNCT 139
Tk1: Level Eleven
Composers: Dee Ton /Mal Larky
Publisher: ZFC Music (ASCAP)

Gammon Down - the fight itself
KPM 258
Tk1: Keep Smiling
Composer: Helene Muddiman
Publisher: KPM

Handbag Land
Classic Film & TV 3 BRO20
Tk3: Bright Spark
Composer: Harold Spark
Publisher: Bruton

Harry Batt Theme
Crime Time XEL010
Tk4: Sole Witness
Publisher: Extreme

Jack Spratt (Bungalow background music)
Kool Kids ATMOS-CD168
Tk9: Jack Spratt
Composers: Andy Blythe/Marten Joustra
More info: Fun, whistling tune. The gangs coming down the street.

Jingle Bells
Christmas Joy BRR 38
Tk10: Jingle Bells
Arr. David Snell
Publisher: Bruton

Ladder Dance (The)
Cine Dancing KOS75
Tk5: Samba Latino
Composer: Pierre-Jean Gidon
Publisher: Konsinus
More info: 50s Happy Cha-Cha.
Tempo: Medium

Maddest town
BRJ 58
Tk1: Trial of the Century
Publisher: Bruton

Martin Floppyhorns
Early Choral Highlights - From Plainsong To Weelkes BCC 34
Tk3: Beata Nobis Gaudia
More info: Traditional

Melvin Odoom Saves The Day
Strictly Jingles Volume 3 KPM 361
Tk1: Latin Cool 60
Composer: A Clark

Mrs Mop (from Make Dick Sick)
That's Showbiz KPM 93
Tk38: Enter Stripper (a)
Composer: P Winslow
Publiser: KPM

Musical Splatues
Comedy Classics 1 KPM 131
Tk19: Round the Bend (b)
Composer: R Aspery
Publisher: KPM

My Gang (intro)
Roads To War (1933-1945) Part 2 KPM 399
Tk9: Taking the Salute (b)
Composer: R Goodwin
Publisher: KPM

Proud Moment
Archive - Millennium: The Atom Age (1940-1959) CHAP 237
Tk15: Victory
Composer: Paul Bonneau
Publisher: Chappel

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat (Where have you been?)
Storytellers KPM 130
Tk28: Magical Effect (f)
Composer: Paddy Kingsland
Publisher: KPM

Raymond Duck Theme
The Editor's Companion 6 KPM 168
Tk2.13: The Duck Song (a)
Composer: Dick Walter
Publisher: KPM
Tempo: Medium

Raymond Newsreader Theme
Classic Television And Radio Themes KPM 433
Tk19: Newsbreaks
Composer: D Hewson
Publisher: KPM
More info: Insistent current affairs theme for the Central region.
Tempo: Fast

Series 5 Trailer Music
Funny Situations FC-S72
Tk19: Fun Time
Composer: Colleen Coil
Publisher: ZFC Music
More info: Upbeat, funny and fresh. Classic comedy, spoofs and sitcom promos.
Tempo: Fast

Drama, Danger, Tension CHAP 276
Tk12: Night Battle
Composer: Warren Bennett
Publisher: Chappell

The Translation Game (strings intro)
String Quartets - Then And Now KPM 252
Tk10: Pleasures of Life
Composer: H Gregson-Williams
Publisher: KPM
More info: Bright, happy theme in a classical idiom.
Tempo: Medium

The Translation Game (writing down the answers bed)
Background KPM 246
Tk16: Girl on the Sand
Composer: Anthony Mawer
Publisher: KPM
More info: Relaxed open air movement with "Latin" feel.
Tempo: Medium

Watch Out, Yeti's About (intro)
Retro TV FCS 32
Tk19: Menace 2 Flowerbeds
Composers: Chris Many/Geoff Levin
Publisher: ZFC Music [ASCAP]
More info: Quirky, humorous theme

Watch Out, Yeti's About (dance)
KPM 340
Tk25: What A Carry On (a)
Composer: Richard Myhill
More info: Fast and furtive, naughty antics
Tempo: Fast

Wee Wee Dance (The)
Whimsy KPM 87
Tk5: A Jolly Jaunt (a)
Composer: D Walter
Publisher: KPM

Welcome Song ("Hello! Hello!")
Comedy and Animation vol 1 KPM 367
Tk28: Time for Showbiz (a)
Composer: Dick Walter
Publisher: KPM

Wiggy Coughing Dodgers (contestant profiles)
Boom And Bust CHAP_236
Tk3: Scenes From The Twenties (a)
Composer: Sam Fonteyn
Publisher: Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd

Wiggy Coughing Dodgers (game)
Tk2: Harlem Jump
Composer: Tony Kinsey
Publisher: Chappell Recorded Music Library Ltd
More info: Bright, bouncy
Era: 1920's

Yeah Baby (Bungalow background music)
Kool Kids ATMOS-CD168 -
Tk1: Yeah Baby#1 -
More info: Oh Baby, Shake t! Swinging Brass over rare grooves.

What is library music?
Several companies issue library music to television and media for use within television programmes and advertisements. It is used to provide companies (with no in house music production or with no time or not enough budget to commission or compose their own pieces) with a selection of CD's or downloadable online files in broadcast quality in different styles/genres for use in their projects.
The composers of the music only get paid when it is used within a project. The only people eligible to have access to this music hold an MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) licence. These licence holders are duty bound to report misuse of the system.

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