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Music - The Album

Dick and Dom have a loud, explosive splatastic party album out.
The Double-CD features 1 CD of songs from the show and the 2CD has audio ‘interactive’ games.

‘The Album’ will make you laugh, dance, shout and cause creamy mucky muck muck chaos. The 2CDs are bungalow-bursting with shouting, slang, silliness and made up songs such as ‘The Pants Dance’, ‘The Sweary Song’ and the farting version of ‘The National Anthem’.
This album will make parents dizzy. The CD booklet turns into a poster with an A-Z of bungalow slang, facts about Dick and Dom and made up jokes.

There are also ringtones available including the music for ‘Celebrity Two Word Tango’, ‘The Grunty Song’, ‘It’s Me Your Mobile Phone’ and ‘Dance In Yer Pants’.

It is as if Dick and Dom are in your own house, it’s hours and hours of bogie-eye boggling songs and hilarious games from the bungalow.

Released: 28 November 2005

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The Album