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One final question - Dick and Dom
Radio Times / 16-22 April 2005

Where there's muck there's laughter - but why is fame a dirty word for the toilet-tongued twosome?

So you're both hosting Ask the Family. For those who haven't seen it yet, describe it......
Dom: It's a remake of an old quiz show that ran from the late 1960s until the 1980s. Basically our version is the same - two families competing against each other - but we give it a Dick and Dom twist.

What does that mean?
Dom: It's good because we're having to try different types of humour. We're actually having to use our brains a bit more.
Dick: We're not leaping around like monkeys, like we do in Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow.
Dom: And there are fewer fart jokes. Less creamy muck muck being poured all over our heads.

Talking of Bungalows, how do you do a manic kids' show if you wake up in a stinking mood?
Dom: The adrenalin just kicks in. It sounds cliched but when the floor manager is counting you in, it doesn't matter what mood your in. You just have to go out and do it. And then your brain collapses after two hours.

What happens when you bump into kids on the street?
Dick: If you're in the supermarket and someone jumps out and says "bogey" at you - and they do ["Bogeys" is a Dick and Dom prank where they shout "bogeys" in public places] - they expect you to go. "Ha ha!" and be all playful. But we're just normal people.

So what do you do - call security?
Dom: Just be polite
Dick: They think you're really down - they expect you to walk around blowing raspberries.

Are you the new Ant and Dec?
Dick: We've been chatting about that recently - we want to go a different way from them, maybe stick with the BBC type stuff - a bit more underground. Ant and Dec are amazing and we understand why we get compared to them. But they've taken that whole primetime Saturday-night thing and done a brilliant job with it. They've become guys in suits with a big audience - we're not really about that.

I bet the BBC would love you to be their Ant and Dec.
Dom: And that's why we don't want to do it.

Why not?
Dom: We don't want to be seen as........

Multimillionaire megastars? Sounds all right.
Dom: The money's not the main thing for us. We'd rather have less money, and less fame. Totally honestly. We don't want to be famous. It's stressful enough as it is when you're trying to buy bog roll and a tin of beans at the local supermarket.

There have been a few complaints about da Bungalow. Do you think it has made kids' behaviour worse?
Dom: Nah. I don't think we're encouraging them to do anything they weren't already doing.
Dick: Kids are well clued up on all the facts of life these days from age seven. We're just doing good, clean eight - to - 12 year old fun.

The senior Tory MP Peter Luff condemned Bungalow for its "lavatorial" content. He asked, "Is that really the stuff of public-service broadcasting? Is it?
Dom: Yes it is. Absolutely.
Dick: There should be far more of it.
Dom: In the week kids get Newsround and Blue Peter, but at the weekend it's about throwing your pencil case out of the window and just being a kid again. That's what we're there for.

One final question: when you get home, do you secretly put on Radio 4 and read broadsheets?
Dick: When we lived together we used to run round lighting farts. But now we have turned into broadsheet-reading bores.

That would make you boring old farts then.

Dick and Dom were talking to Benji Wilson.

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