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Dick & Dom Q&A
http://www.kylieklub.com - 5 January 2006

This week, kylieklub.com went In Da Bungalow with Dick and Dom to chat about gunge, cardigans and toenails (bleurgh!)

Which famous celeb would you ‘gunge’ and what would your yucky substance be?
Dick: It would have to be Girls Aloud.
Dom: We’d cover them in creamy muck muck.

Would you ever wear a cardigan?
Dick: Definitely not!
Dom: Maybe if I was really cold and there was nothing else to wear.

What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever had?
Dick: My nan bought me some girls pyjamas once but I quite liked them!
Dom: A plastic iron and an ironing board from my uncle when I was about six, me and my brother used to fight over it.

Have you ever made a kid on your show cry?
Dick: No, we haven’t made any kids cry thankfully. They do feel a bit sick sometimes though.
Dom: No, but we have made some men cry playing a game once!

Who comes up with the ideas for all your insane games?
Dick: There’s a whole team of us who sit down and think of good ideas.
Dom: Lots of them come from our show’s producer Steve.

Can you tell us a secret about each other?
Dick: Dom has really smelly feet and nasty toenails.
Dom: Dick never changes his bedsheets.

What do you think of your rival programme Ministry of Mayhem?
Dick: We never watch it because we’re doing our own show while it’s on.
Dom: True, I’ve never seen it I don’t think.

Who would you rather snog – Pat Butcher from Eastenders or Anne Robinson from the Weakest Link?
Dick: Yuk neither
Dom: I’d have to say Anne Robinson she’s not so bad these days!

Do you either of you live in a bungalow?
Dick: Yes we do – you’ve seen it on TV, it’s our home.
Dom: Yes we live there every weekend.

Would you ever go on Stars In Their Eyes and if so, what would you sing?
Dick: Oh no I don’t think so, I can’t sing to save my life.
Dom: I can’t sing either so I wouldn’t want to put people off the programme.

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