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London to Paris - Richard McCourt
3 September 2006

Richard McCourt took part in this years London to Paris, cycling 285 miles in aid of the Alheimer's Society, a charity that Richard knows first hand is an extremely worthwhile cause.

Simon Biggs from Da Bungalow Online managed to ask him some questions, after he had crossed the finish line in Paris.

Hello Richard, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions for Da Bungalow Online.

How did you get involved with the Alzheimer's Society?

A member of my family is affected by Dementia and so the Alzheimer's Society is a great help.

Riding from London to Paris is a long way. Why did you choose to do this in particular as there are so many other ways to raise money for charity, such as parachuting, white water rafting and marathons to name but a few?
I've always been a cyclist since being a kid and this seemed like a great achievement. Plus you don't get muck muck thrown at you while peddling like the Mucky Puddle Power Shower Game!

285 miles is a long way to ride, how did you prepare for this mammoth

Sat on my arse for a few weeks.

How did you cross the North Sea? I take it you didn't bike through the
channel tunnel, now that would be impressive!


On your fundraising page it says: "Team members: James Lowe." Were there just two of you in your team?
No, 70 people in all, he was my mate doing it with me.

You've raised a lot of money for the charity from your bike ride, how will it be used?
It will be used for valuable research into the disease.

How did you celebrate the completion of the London to Paris Bike ride?
Got extremely peedled.

Do you have any other charity events planned for the Alzheimer's Society?
Yep, i'm trekking the Great Wall of China in October.

Dick and Dom in da Bloomsbury was a very successful show, yourself and Dom joked how you wanted a tour. Are there any plans to do a charity tour for Myeloma UK (previously known as the International Myeloma Foundation)?
There are no plans at present.

If there are no plans at present, would you be up for a charity tour if
there were?
Of course.

As you know, you have many fans both on da Bungalow Online's forum and Dom's forum Blather and I'm sure they would be interested to hear if you have got any future television or radio plans in the pipeline?
We will of course let you know when we know!!

Finally, have you got a message for all the Dick fans out there?
Thanks to each and everyone of you that sponsored me for the ride. It means a lot. X

Once again thank you for taking the time to answer da Bungalow Online's questions and congratulations in raising so much money for the Alzheimer's Society.

So, same time again next year then Rich?

Richard McCourt
Richard McCourt
Richard McCourt