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Dick and Dom interview
Heat magazine / 5-11 March 2005

As our fave kids' TV hosts go primetime for Comic Relief, Isabel Mohan talks to the two hellraisers

Will Comic Relief in Da Bungalow be the same as the usual show?
Dom: No, because it'll feature celebrities instead of kids, McFly are definitely doing it. They should be a good laugh, although they're not a million miles away from the age of the kids normally on it.

Are you excited about mingling with celebs rather than kids?
Dom: Not really. I think I'd rather hang out with the kids because they make us laugh
Dick: But we've been told we're to treat the celebrities in exactly the same way as the kids. They'll love that.....
Dom: Yeah. And it means that if they're being annoying, we can get a spoonful of jam and flick it up their nose.

And is it true there'll be a big Celebrity Bogey Showdown?
Dick: That's right. We don't know at the moment who will be in the final, but the people in the heats are Carol Vorderman, Rupert Grint [Harry Potter's pal Ron Weasley], Craig Doyle and Sara Cox.

Who's your money on?
Dom: Well, Sara Cox has a foghorn voice and I think she's been practising. She's been talking about it loads on her radio show.

How do you feel about being mentioned in the House of Commons?
[Conservative MP Peter Luff accused Dick & Dom of being "lavatorial".]
Dom: It was strange, because he'd never actually watched the show. Basically, he walked in on his daughter looking at our website which isn't even very offensive. But it wasn't Tory Boy's idea of what the BBC should be about, so he started some argy-bargy.
Dick: We invited him on to the show but he hasn't come down yet. He probably doesn't want to face the Creamy Muck Muck.
Dom: I'd certainly aim for him.... It's good to be talked about, though.
Dick: I think it's groundbreaking for any children's show to get that amount of press, so in some ways it's quite an honour.

Does it make you want to be even more controversial?
Dom: These things just happen, and the things that have been in the papers about a T-shirt I wore [bearing the slogan "Morning Wood"] and us coming on TV wearing nothing but sombreros aren't things we did on purpose to provoke a reaction. It just makes us laugh and the kids like it.

Tell us about your new show, Ask The Family.
Dick: It's a quiz that was hosted in the 70s by a guy called Robert Robinson, who was quite rude and sarcastic in his approach to asking questions, similar to us. He had a wicked comb-over, too.
Dom: Some of the games will be the same, but we'll give them our own unique Dick & Dom style.

Are you looking forward to doing something new?
Dom: We're excited to be breaking out after ten years of children's TV. All we ever wanted to do was be kids TV presenters and we've had a really fun time.

But you're not sick of each other's company yet?
Dom: Like any relationship, we do argue, but when we met we just clicked and even lived together for four years. And after all, what could be better than working with your best mate?

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