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Webchat with Dick & Dom!
4 March 2010 - bbc.co.uk/cbbc

Hey hey!
The legends that are Dick and Dom (geddit? ) are here - let's check out what they've got to say...

Hi Dick and Dom
I think you guys are great. Me and my brother watch your show all the time! My question is: what is the most disgusting thing you have ever done? I'd love to know!

Dick: Every week getting covered in creamy muck-muck on 'Dick & Dom in da Bungalow'.
Dom: Whatever he said!

Hi Dick and Dom.
What got you interessted in presenting?

Dick: The guy that presents 'Dancing on Ice' (Phillip Schofield) used to do the job that Iain and Hacker do now so when we were both young we used to watch him and wanted to do his job.
Dom: And then we did it.

Hey Dick and Dom!
If you could be superheroes, who would you be?

Dick: We would be SuperDick and SuperDom.
Dom: My special power would be to make small people grow as I am small.
Dick: And my special power would be to chase people with silly names like mine! Dick!

Hey dick and dom! How are you?
Now here's my question. In The Legend Of Dick And Dom, in the episode "Vampire Babies", what was in the baby sick?

Dick & Dom: Warm porridge!

Hi Dick and Dom!
My question is...
When you were children, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Dick & Dom: We wanted to do what we do now.. so we did it! And we're still doing it. And we will still be doing it when we're the same age as the Chuckle Brothers!
ps. They're millionaires - we're not!

Hi, if you had to eat someone's toe nails, who's would it be? And, can you dance?
Dick: No, we can't dance. And no we don't eat toenails. But if we had to, we would eat... Gordon Brown's, the PM. His toenails would be...
Dom: ...chewy and cheesy, just like my mother's.

What was your favorite episode of 'The Legend of Dick and Dom'?
Dom: 'Back to School'. It was like Harry Potter gone wrong.

Hi Dick! Hi Dom!! My question is:
When you're playing "Bogies", do you ever feel REALLY REALLY REALLY embarrassed????
Dom: Yes! When we played it, during a theatre performance in Devon, the theatre owners thought we were a couple of madmen that had broken in. And the actors stopped the play and asked us to leave. It was very very embarrassing.

Dear Dick and Dom,
What is your favourite cheese and how many impressions can you do?
Dick: Our favourite cheese is the one that smells like old socks, a nice blue Stilton. We can do many impressions of blue Stilton, also we do a very good impression of red Leicester.

Hey Dick and Dom. My question is:
Who is your favourite character in The Legend Of Dick And Dom?

Dick: Our favourite characters on 'The Legend of Dick & Dom' are: Prince Dick and Prince Dom, because... it's us!

I really like the new series of Legend, it's fab! My favourite character is Lutin. My question is: what do you do in your spare time (when you're not filming)?
Dick: Your favourite characters should be Prince Dick and Prince Dom, not Lutin, as she talks too much and smells of Blue Stilton!
Dom: In our spare time, we watch videos of ourselves on the CBBC iPlayer, and have special Dick & Dom parties where all our friends come dressed up as ourselves. Not many people turn up, because the only friends we have... are each other!

Hi! My question is:
Do you like getting messy and acting on the show?

Dick: Yes we enjoy getting very messy. We have never been covered in milk white chocolate, but if you know the recipe, please let us know!
Dom: Acting is very fun, although much harder work than presenting.
Dick: You have to learn many lines.
Dom: And it's really long days.

Hey Dick and Dom. Do you have any pets? You guys really rock!
Dom: I've got two fish called Sue and Terry. And Dick has a black pug called Arthur.
Dick: And he pees on my carpet!

Hey Dick and Dom. My question is:
What is it like working with each other for a long time?

Dick: We have worked together for many years.
Dom: Just like Richard and Judy, Ant and Dec, Cannon and Ball, Little and Large, Rod Jane and Freddie, Hail and Pace, Sam and Mark and JK and Joel... it is good

What is your favourite part of being on the telly? I would love you to answer this because my questions never get picked!
Dick: You have been picked! Our favourite part of being on the telly is doing webchats! Because you get to answer questions like this... what was the question again??

How did you feel when Manitol told you to get the wrong ingredients for the potion?
Dom: We slapped his bald head so hard that his nose fell out.

How did you meet each other,when you first met?
Dom: We met each other when CBBC was called Children's BBC back in 1997. We became good mates, became housemates for five years until we ran out of money and had to go back to live with our mum and dads.
Dick: Don't listen to him! He's only joking. We actually met across a crowded dancefloor.

Hi Dick and Dom. I love your show, it is so funny! Especially when Dick was dancing with the gremlin snot! If you could be an animal, what would it be?
Dom: I would be a chameleon because I would love to have a tongue that long and sticky.
Dick: I would be a T-Rex because of their funny hands!

Hi! I'm your NO.1 FAN! What's your fab place you had to go?
Dick: Hello NO.1 FAN! Our favourite place to go is Fyredoor, where we are from, although as you may have seen yesterday our dad looks like Brian Blessed.

Thanks for your questions. Bye, bye. Go away. And don't come back.Love you all and your pocket monkeys!

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