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CBBC webchat highlights
CBBC Online / 10 September 2004

I love the game bogies but have wondered do you get embarrassed whilst playing or not?
Dom: Yes we do... We just played the most embarrassing one in a library in Glasgow.
Dick: Also recently we've been having some bad vibes. Some big burly blokes don't like it!

When did you both meet for the first time?
Dick: Across a crowded dance floor!
Dom: He had a halo all around him... No, we really did meet at a CBBC party. We were the same age and Dick offered me a room to live in. We lived happily ever after!

Tell me your best joke please!
Dick: What's brown and sticky? POO!
Dom: I went to the doctor the other day and said, 'I broke my arm in three places'. He said 'Well don't go to those places again'.

What time do u have 2 get up on a Saturday?
Dom: We have to get up at half six on the Saturday.
Dick: Tonight we'll be going to bed in the next two hours!

Dick eating a banana
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