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Dick and Dom webchat
bbc.co.uk - Wednesday 6th March 2002

CBBC favourites Dick and Dom joined us and answered your questions about smelly feet and their bad habits, amongst other things!

Question from Khyle: When you left CBBC a few years back, did you expect to be presenting it now, in 2002?

Dick: Good question. We were really shocked - we were called into the boss's office and we were told that we got the job again, and we just ran around going 'aaaaaah!'
Dom: Actually, it was just him doing that.
Dick: It's nice to be back.

Question from Sam: Who has the smelliest feet?
Dom: My flatmate sitting here says I've got the smelliest feet. I've got athlete's foot at the moment, and two veruccas. But Richard's got a toenail that curves round and back into itself! So we've both got pretty warped feet.
Dick: But mine stink more I'm afraid.

Question from Rose: How did you start presenting?
Dick: I did hospital radio, did media at college in Sheffield, then finally got an audition for CBBC after sending out showreels.
Dom: I started presenting with Peter Simon from Double Dare when I was 18. I also presented with Chris Jarvis, Josie D'Arby and others. So there was a massive team of us. I sent in a showreel when I was 17 - that's how I got the job.

Question from Inga: Where is your favourite place to have a break?
Dick: Anywhere with a beach, by the sea, with a book, doing nothing.
Dom: Mine's going off to Liverpool, sitting by the Albert Dock and looking at Fred's weather map.

Question from Nikki: Have you ever had any weird fan experiences?
Dick: Yes, on the tube in London. Someone came to Dom, saw he was chewing chewing gum, and she asked if she could take it out of his mouth and eat it - and she did!
Dom: At CBBC you get some weird fanmail. Someone sent me his shopping once - beans, a loaf of bread, socks ... And Otis the Aardvark got sent some poo in a plastic bag once. A guy on work experience opened the parcel with it inside!

Question from Pia Cutes: Do either of you have any bad habits and if so what are they?
Dick: I've got a few. I pick my nose quite a lot.
Dom: In my car - and then he flicks them on the floor! Also, I get a frothy mouth, out of the corners of my mouth ...
Dick: I bite my nails too much, and burp and fart too ...

Question from Sammy: Who are your idols?
Phillip Schofield and Terry Wogan. I'm reading Terry's autobiography!
Dom: A friend of mine looked at it and thought who would be sad enough to buy that? Robbie Williams is one of my heroes. The other is Fatboy Slim.
Dick: That's rubbish! The other day his idols were Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee!

Question from James: This message is to Dom - how did you learn to do magic?
Dom: It was after I'd been to a bar and had a club sandwich. As soon as I did that I was sick with lots of clubs (He does a magic trick... The queen of clubs has just changed to the king of clubs!)

Question from Saira: Do you put make up on yourself when you go on TV?
Dick: Yes. Quite a lot. It's quite embarrassing, as a boy. We have to sit in the make up room for 15 minutes, and all our spots have to be covered up. And you get sweaty so you have to have powder.
Dom: Speak for yourself! I used to live with Dick. He'd go down the road to the shops, and he'd put make up on his face for that!

Question from Shelley: When you watch yourself on TV does it feel weird?
Dick: It's a strange feeling. We are often asked to watch the tapes back so we know when we did things wrong and won't do it again. But when we do it doesn't feel like we're watching ourselves.

Question from Louise: Who's the biggest star you've met?
Dom: I met Terry Wogan - your idol, Dick!
Dick: We've met a few pop stars. We meet then when they're starting out, so they're not really big stars yet. We met the Spice Girls and Steps before they were famous. I met Rolf Harris - he's been around for years!

Question from Becki: What's your favourite childhood memory?
Dom: Winning the Young Magician of the Year competition in '95 - I was 16. It was a big moment for me.
Dick: I always wanted to do this job, from when I was 10. Once I was asked to watch Going Live! with Phillip Schofield.

Question from Eddie: What's the strangest question you've ever been asked?
That question!

Question from Clair G: Do you think you might go into the singing side of showbiz?
Dick: Not him!
Dom: We tried it on a show we did called Bring it On ...
Dick: They had machines which made our voices sound better ...
Dom: A Vocoder.
Dick: It makes you sound like Britney Spears. But Dom's voice wasn't very good, so they had to process it.
Dom: I was like the Jason Orange and he was like the Gary Barlow, from Take That. Gary was the talented one who could sing!

Question from Jodie: What was your worst ever haircut like?
Dom: At college I decided it would be cool to shave all my hair off apart from the top of my head. I rubbed the front of my head and it all stuck out.
Dick: I used to have the biggest quiff - it was massive! My head looked like a big mushroom.

Question from Lucy: If you had to go out with one of the CBBC presenters, who would it be?
Dick: Being a guy at CBBC, there isn't that much choice ... Fearne! Dom agrees but just doesn't say it ...

Question from Helen from South Wales: Hi, I am wondering what you guys do on your days off?
Dom: Erm ... I do a lot of research with my magic, practicing new tricks. And going out.
Dick: Or just sitting and doing nothing, because presenting is quite pressurised, and you get tired. We just enjoy ourselves, like you guys!

Question from Caroline aged 13: If you could swap lives with someone for a day who would it be?
Dick: It would be interesting to be Dom for a day! Dom is a workaholic! He can do all your homework for a week in half an hour. I'd like to be the Queen for a day I think. It would be nice to have that power.
Dom: But she can't pop down to Tesco's! You be the Queen and I'll be Prince Phillip!

Question from Joanne: If you could play for any football team who would it be?
I don't like football.
Dick: It would have to be Man U, but I support Sheffield Wednesday.
Dom: I'd like to be Jamie Redknapp from Liverpool, because I'd be going out with Louise!
Dick: What team do you support?

Question from Nikki allSTARS: Is there anything you would still like to achieve?
I'd like to travel the world. When you're presenting you have to establish yourself and you can't take a year out to travel. But I'd like to.
Dom: I've got a light up globe you could borrow! I'd like my own Saturday night BBC 1 magic show with Debbie McGee! My first guests would be P Diddy and J Lo.

Question from Chris aged 8: If you had only one pound left what would you spend it on?
Dom: Good question! Not a clue. Probably something at the £1 shop.
Dick: There's nothing better than a good pint of milk and some water. You could survive on those.
Dom: I'd probably buy a lottery ticket. I wouldn't win but at least I knew I had a chance!

Question from Paul: Do you get annoyed because you have to sign photos wherever you go?
Dom: No! It's part of the job. It's great and it makes other people happy (well, some!)
Dick: It's great, yeah. Of course, they're £15 each! Joke!

Question from Eddie: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Dick: All the other presenters have a new pair of trainers every day!
Dom: I've just bought some new ones and they smell. Ortis has about 20 pairs!

Question from Alex: What foods do you eat and what foods do you hate?
I'm vegetarian, so anything veggie is good for me. So basically, vegetables. And I hate eating dead animals!
Dick: I eat anything! But there's one thing I don't like - the water chestnuts you get in Chinese meals ...

Question from Lara: What's the most embarrassing single/album you've ever bought?
Mike Oldfield's 'Best of' hits. It contained the Moonlight Shadow song. I bought Jive Bunny's mastermix.
Dick: I had that one too! I can't think of one at the moment.

Question from Georgina: What's the most amazing thing you have ever seen?
I went to Canada, worked there for a month when I was 15. I was on a ranch. I was sat in the hot tub outside, and then the whole sky filled with fireflies - bright green, tonnes of them. That was incredible, and there was a sunset.
Dick: Yes, it's nice to see a sunrise on a clear day.

Question from Chris: Does a limousine pick you up every day and take you home like other well known presenters?
Oh yes!
Dom: Yes, the limo that got us here was a bit smaller, it was blue, and it was a hatchback!
Dick: We get the tube, the bus, or walk, just like you lot!

Question from Simons: If you were stranded on a desert island, who would you like to be with?
Dom: Dick would like to be with Fearne and Phillip Schofield! I think probably, Richard Branson. I think he's a fascinating guy. I'd like to know what makes his brain tick. Or Carol Vorderman! And Anne Robinson!

Question from Clair G: I've recently got a kitten, but haven't decided on a name yet, any ideas?
Dick! Or Dom!
Dick: No, don't name it after us! My cat recently died - Fudge. You could call it that if it's that colour!
Dom: Just call it that anyway!

Question from Nikki: What would you change about yourself if you could?
Not a lot really!
Dick: Dom fancies himself! I sit in front of the mirror ...
Dom: My head's slightly oval. I'd change the shape of it. Fran from Travis has the same shaped head as me! And Jimmy Neutron. I'd make my head a little bit less phat!

Question from Alex: What is your favourite book?
Dom: My Simply Magic book!
Dick: The Harry Potter collection's really good. The film's good too. I like books about travelling, or autobiographies.
Dom: I read Paul Daniels' one called Under No Illusion.

Question from Rosie: What would be your ideal gift for your birthday?
I'd like a surprise party!
Dom: I would like to have a party where I could DJ and play banging trance music to a room full of people! Perhaps at a big club.

Question from Charlotte from Kenton: Is your job fun?
Dick: It's great. But not as showbizzy as you think it might be. We walk to work, do normal things. We're not really famous. But you have a lot of fun!
Dom: And you meet amazing people as well.
Dick: It's not as difficult as the typist's job here! Or being at school ...
Dom: The big wide world is much easier. I can't think of anything worse than homework! And school food, the uniforms, the lot! You poor little people!

Question from Tom: What are you giving your mums for Mothering Sunday?
My dad has taken my mum to Paris over that weekend, so she won't be there. I'll be giving her nothing!
Dick: I'll be giving my mum a facial and some flowers probably.

BBC Host: Here's Dick and Dom with a final word ...
Both: Goodbye! Erm... yes please!

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