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Gina's Laughing Gear: Harry Batt
First broadcast: Friday 12 January 2007 - 5pm - BBC ONE

In the first episode of the CBBC comedy showcase series "Gina's Laughing Gear", DI Harry Batt is called upon to stop a spate of illegal sofa bouncing, and cope with sweeping changes to the police force.

Children are now able to join the police. Last year, the Chief Inspector made the strange decision to lower the minimum age of joining the force to just four. Some officers didn't like the changes, but Harry still keeps fighting crime every day of the week!

The grand final of the darts championships is nearing, and the Chief Inspector has to allocate two officers for the policing of the event. He reckons the proper way to decide is by tombola. PC Maqueen and PC Presents are chosen for the job.

Meanwhile, a spate of illegal sofa bouncing has hit the force's patch. At a 'Chrispies' auction, Antony Worral Thompson's sofa is about to be sold when a woman suddenly jumps up and starts boucing on it. Later in the theatre, during a comedy production of "Knickers To The Vicars", a doorbell rings out of cue. When one of the actors answers it, someone runs on stage and starts boucing on the sofa. More of these horrible events crop up.

> Video clip: An elderly couple get a visit from sofa bouncers
> Video clip: Sofa boucing during a 'Chrispies' auction
> Video clip: Knickers To The Vicars

At the police station, all occurrences of sofa bouncing have been plotted on a map of the area. Harry discovers all crimes occur on the number 58 bus route. He sets out to catch the criminal, but is just seconds too late to catch him when he striked again. A face print of the criminal is eventually found in a van, and with a plater cast made, Harry sets out to interview the public. Nobody recognises the criminal. One of the smaller police officers comes up with the idea of setting a trap, in order to catch the villain.

> Video clip: Harry finds a face print

Maqueen and Presents are at the darts championships where they meet Barry Whippet, a fat darts champion who needs his "Power Sludge" to keep him going. When the two officers accidentally drink up the special brew, they use a slimming drink to replace it. This has disastrous effects on Barry and could well lead to him losing the championships!

Harry and his officers have set a trap at an Essex Beds store. Soon enough they encounter a man jumping on the mattresses. Harry succeeds in capturing him and takes him down to the police station to be interrogated. The suspect gives in and leads Harry and his officers to Alan Draylon's secret hideout, the center of the whole illegal bouncing operation.

> Video clip: Harry's trap

When Harry finally gets to Draylon, his team fails to back him up and the criminal escapes on a space hopper. A chase ensues. Sadly, Draylon accidentally enters the building where the darts championships are being held. Barry Whippet, who's about to win, throws his last dart. It accidentally hits Draylon's space hopper. Harry has finally put a stop to the illegal sofa boucing. Another case solved!

> Video clip: Harry finally solves the case

New police officers
The Chief Inspector
Chrispies auctioneer
Knickers To The Vicars
Harry Batt discovers a face print
Harry's trap works!
Interrogating the suspect
Chasing Alan Draylon