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Dominic Wood

What do we know about Dominic Wood? All together – not much. Let’s look a little closer… But not too close.

On the 4th of Octember 1998, Dominic Dallas Farthing Wood, was born to Robin and Maid Marian in a grey tenement block – one of hundreds of similar buildings on the wrong side of the tracks in the windy city of Muckago. Dom always hated the stairs in those grim tenements and has lived in bungalows ever since. Prohibition-era Muckago was a bleak place. But out of bleakness came froth sweetness – in the form of jazz music. And it was this very same music that was to provide the template for Dom’s early years.

Dom was a stellar keyboardist and child prodigy. Learning to play from watching his uncle (Minty McFresh of Minty McFresh and the Fab Fresh Four) it took Dom a little while to find his feet – before he remembered he’d left them under his bed in a shoebox with his Action Man.

Dom’s keyboard skills were helped by the extra fingers he’d grown in jam jar on the windowsill of that Muckago tenement block. And, by the age of four, Doim was playing with the Muckago Symphony Orchestra.

By the age of ten, Dom – then known as ‘Little Dominic Wood’ – had already cut such seminal discs as Green Muck and Bring Down the Norris. Muckago was rocked by the crazy stylings of this lil’ kid from uptown, downtown, in my lady’s chamber.

At the age of twelve, Dom broke out of the jazz underground and went mainstream, having a wordwide crossover hit with a piece of electronic fusion called Muckit. Dom – now known simply as ‘Dom’ – had an eye for a good sound and really smelt the moment.

The sun was rising over a whole new jazzy skyline and jazz was discovering a fresh audience in the b-boys and breakers of New Muck City. Taping pieces of lino to the trolley cars that sped up and down the city’s steep streets, those crazy kids popped and locked to Dom’s fresh new sound. Fuelled by blanket bedtime radio play and a body-rockin’ video – Muckit became, literally, the song that ate the word…and burped it back up again.

Following this early success, most people would have retired and gone to live on Bungalow Island. But Dom didn’t rest on his laurels – he used them to make a fine wreath for his front door.

Dom describes da Bungalow as “a shaft of improvisational light in an otherwise jazz-free existence. Being popular means nothing to me now. If my work makes just one child smile then that’s enough for me.”

Taken from "Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow - Da Book 2006"

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Did you know...
Dom's got more than 5000 multi-coloured fleas living in his underpants!