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Richard McCourt

Who is the enigma known not only as Dick, but also Richard McCourt, son, best mate and “Oi! You off the telly!”? Let’s find out more.

Richard Henman Tennis McCourt was born in a barn at the age of seven months and has never closed a door in his live. Before he became a master of the televisual arts, Dick tried his hands at various other artistic pursuits. At the age of two, he was a stand-up comedian, touring the hard Working Men’s Clubs of South West Norris as “Baby-faced Dick – you’ll laugh ‘til he cries!”

The pressures of touring were too much for a toddler, however, and Baby-faced Dick was put into retirement at the tender age of five. With all this extra time on his hands, Dick turned his attentions to playing with toy soldiers and trying to ride a bike without stabilisers. In no time at all, he became an expert in both these fields and he was able to become a normal school boy. Dick was a grade A (for average) student. But nothing could stop the stars that twinkled in this boy’s eyes! At the age of 18, Dick dazzled a Professor at his University interview by performing Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C-sharp minor – on a melodica. Studying at Footlights College, Muckbridge, he wrote plays for his fellow students including Much Ado About Norris, Muckbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Creamy Muck Muck.

His most successful play, however – the one that would gain him worldwide notoriety, if not critical acclaim – was Muckeo & Norrisette. A musical satire on a television chat show, the piece contained 8,000 references to muck and three hundred uses of the word Norris.

The follow up – Muckeo & Norrisette Do America – was a greater success with critics who loved the story of a Danish Prince seeking revenge for the mucking up of da palace Bungalow. …Do America also gave the world the first glimpse of the character that was to make Dick a household name – Muckstaff. A rotund and rosy-faced follow, Dick played the part of Muckstaff himself – under very heavy make-up.

He played the part for umpteen years until the pressure of putting a duvet up his jumper and yelling “Yo ho, me hearties!” before keeling over every night (and twice on a Saturday) simply became too much. Dick left the business of the show to rear Toilet Tourtles and build up his collection of naval fluff.

Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow brought Dick out of a long period of retirement and he’s grateful for the work. In his own words, “I count every show as a gift – not a given. Every viewer I get is a blessing for someone who thought they had thrown their last bucket of Muck years ago.”

Taken from "Dick & Dom In Da Bungalow - Da Book 2006"

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Did you know...
Dick loves Dirty Norris that much his face has become a permanent resting place for the substance!