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Comic Relief in da Bungalow - News archive
An Evening At BBC Television Centre
Competition Winner Meets Dick & Dom

I couldn’t believe it when my mum told me I had won a Comic Relief competition. I’d won the chance to go to BBC TV Centre to interview a Comic Relief celebrity. I was so looking forward to it!

On Wednesday 9th March 2005, I set off, along with my mum, to the BBC, the nerves started to kick in as we were on the train! I had prepared some questions about Comic Relief but had no idea who I would be interviewing!

We arrived at the centre just after 5pm and by this time I was really nervous – butterflies were in my belly! We signed in and were taken through to a ‘greenroom’ where I was introduced to some of the production team from In Da Bungalow. I was told that we were going to watch ‘Dick ‘n’ Dom in da Bungalow’ being filmed and afterwards I would be interviewing the guys – I couldn’t wait!

Watching Dick ‘n’ Dom was hilarious especially seeing McFly slide across the floor in the ‘creamy muck muck’. In fact the whole experience of seeing a programme being broadcast live was amazing. It was a once in a life time chance and out of over 500 entries – I was the lucky person picked to witness it all.

After the show had finished, Dick ‘n’ Dom showered off and then I was introduced to them. They were really friendly and made me feel comfortable and more relaxed! We sat down and I asked them my questions.

Hannah: Is this your first year of being involved with Comic Relief?
Dick: We have done some things in the past but nothing as big as this year.
Dom: This is our first major year and we are really enjoying being involved.

Hannah: What inspired you to get involved?
Dick: We were asked! No, it is a great cause and we want to be part of it.

Hannah: Have you visited any of the countries that benefit from the work of Comic Relief to gain a first hand experience of the work?
Dom: We haven’t been anywhere yet but we hope to soon because this is serious stuff and we would like to see what a difference the money from the bungalow will make to peoples lives.

Hannah: How much does the work make to the lives of others?
Dom: A massive difference!
Dick: More and more happens in the lives of these people everyday and the money raised really helps them live their lives as best as they can.

Hannah: You said you haven’t been to any of the countries that benefit from the work of Comic Relief yet but would you like to see what the donations from this year will be spent on?
Dom: I think that is the plan.
Dick: We should raise about £7000 from doing the bungalow show and we would love to go and see what difference it makes.

Hannah: As well as the projects abroad, are you following the work of Comic Relief in the UK?
Dick: Yes, and we are also involved with some smaller charity work.

Hannah: After the tsunami, do you think people appreciate the situations of those living in countries all around the world?
Dom: People do realise but there is not enough time spent on other work that will help improve people’s lives further. The same things are dealt with and it could make a huge difference if more things were recognised.

Hannah: Do any of the celebrities get together outside of Comic Relief to discuss any ideas of what they could do to raise money?
Dick: I suppose that if you were mates with others then you would! Like me and Dom would discuss things to do!
Dom: We don’t ‘cause we don’t have any mates!

Hannah: Do you feel the problems are being resolved due to the hard work of Comic Relief?
Dom: There is still a long way to go but eventually things will be so much better.

Hannah: Will you carry on your involvement?
Dom: Absolutely!
Dick: Definitely!

Hannah: Do you like this year’s single by McFly and will you be buying it?
Dick: Yes
Dom: Have you got it?
Hannah: Yes I bought it on Monday!
Dom: Excellent

Hannah: Finally, what do you think of the Red Nose for this year?
Dom: Yeah it’s cool but they need to design it to stay on your nose
Dick: I think that’s just because we have big noses!

Dick ‘n’ Dom were two lovely guys and after seeing them on ‘Dick ‘n’ Dom in da Bungalow’ you wouldn’t think they could have been as serious as they were. They were great fun to interview.

By Hannah Tidman – ‘Budding Journalist’ competition winner

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