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Dick And Domtionary

The best of the Dick And Domtionary is now available online!

Word: fligagig
Meaning: someone with a door handle for a head
As in: My goodness, what an enchanting fligagig you have.

Word: mugelbub
Meaning: a bubble that comes out of your back
As in: RADIO ONE's a groove house where cool dudes hang out and play nice pop music records. And remember, soon coming to RADIO ONE, The Mugelbub Show!

Word: yolgee
Meaning: sharkpoo
As in: My nan's not left the house for weeks, but why? She's needed in yolgee.

Word: sugaduga
Meaning: a very sour sweat that makes your head explode so you've got a manky head for seventeen days
As in: At Prince Nazeen's birthday celebrations the fun just kept on coming. Naz had cakes, balloons and then suddenly he ate a sugaduga, resulting in his head exploding and going manky for seventeen days.

Word: pooingtons
Meaning: when you go to the toilet in a posh house
As in: When TV's David Jason went to the Buckingham Palace to pick up his award, he thought "Hmm, I might just have myself a nice pooington."

Word: bopalopaflywizzzipeededoobotfizzzzzz
Meaning: a drink sold only on Mars that makes bogies go purple and 100 times bigger
As in: In the year 1172 Robin Hood robbed the rich to give to the poor, unfortunately he once robbed a glass of bopalopaflywizzzipeededoobotfizzzzzz which put him off the whole idea.

Word: chimmy miny:
Meaning: someone who eats their dinner out of a public toilet
As in: The popular R&B singer Graig David is no fun to have round your house. Don't let him into your toilet with a microwave ready meal because he's a bit of
a chimmy miny.

Word: rampelschnifskin
Meaning: a dirty bed
As in: In the Roman Empire, Emperor Greg was renouned for his Rampelschnifskin.

Word: flabba flabba hula flabba:
Meaning: a little black and white cartoon man that comes from Mars, goes to China on his bicycle and juggles rabbits
As in: When visiting China remember they drive on the other side of the road, speak a different language and have an abundance of flabba flabba hula flabbas. Lucky old China.

Words that didn't quite make it to the Dick And Domtionary:
> Sticky licky choco picky bubble marcene men: men that are martians are made from bubble and chocolate, they're very sticky and they love to be very licky and they're also very picky.
> Fliggyflump: a very special trump that only girls can do that smells of fairy cakes and flowers.
> M-Malien smackey: female gorilla, and when any of the men come near her... whatever they say to her... she goes like...
> Snum: when you sneeze out of your bum
> Scabalaba: it's a scab, and it's alaba
> Big-a-bigaboy: a girl that slept inside a tomatoe
> Ka poom: if you're ill, and your mum doesn't know how to spell diarrhea, they could say that your child was off at sickness and ka poom
> Coo coo laa: when you're a bit crazy
> Loosteste: someone who gets lost on the way to the toilet.
> Bogank: A Bogie-bank, a place for keeping bogies
> Dorry Dompy: it means anything you want it to mean
> Bobble gom: chewing gum that a monkey eats
> Goobum: when you eat to many fairycakes you get a goobum
> Daaaaak: stupid
> Colidousy: a new species of cauliflower
> Zizploppoodle: a donkey with two heads
> Dokdim: Dick and Dom in a washing machine
> Gaba laba shaba ding dong: a dog that comes in the form of chocolate
> Inkle Finkle Dinkle Doo: no one
> Bumchica fungus: fungus growing on your bum
> Shemonkabang: a sea monkey that goes bang
> Mopo doo pig dee: a pig that polishes a dog
> Shomocomocom: a body lotion that they sell on Jupiter that makes your ears grow big
> Drible dog: the French version to a hotdog, but it's massive
> Snazytrapket: z trampoline in your dad's bedroom and you can only jump on it once
> Sticky stop ploppy: a sticky ploppy lollipop
> Botty burpathon: a long distance wind breaker
> Flobber hob nobs: biscuits that fly
> Bakerloo: a baker's personal toilet

Dick And Domtionary