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Cat's Britain - Uckfield

I went to Uckfield. I didn't know what a field of uck was, but I still went to see what the town had to offer.

On Uckfield highstreet they had cars, shops and a restaurant that sold pasta. Whoo!

After my visit to the highstreet I found a bridge overlooking the river Uck. There was a bottle, a sandbag and a washing detergent bottle, a big pipe, and a shopping trolly!

Guess what! The fair had come to town in Uckfield! But it was closed.

I also met Kevin, owner of the oldest cinema in the wo... in Uckfield. I asked him what his favourite film was, but he didn't know. He did tell me that he liked jam sandwiches though. I love that film! Kevin told me to check out the three wooden trolls on the highstreet.

They didn't look much like trolls though, and one of them had his face pulled of by local vandals.

On my tour of the city I found a bottle of lemonade in the undergrowth. At least I thought it was a bottle of lemonade!

To recap, here are the top three things about Uckfield:
1) There are three wooden trolls, but one no longer has a face.
2) Uckfield has a wonderful cinema run by a man called Kevin.
3) Whatever you do, don't drink the lemonade!

The Cat

Watch my video diary!Me and a wooden troll on the highstreetDon't drink the lemonade!