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Cat's Britain - Letchworth Garden City

Letchworth Garden City! Is it a garden, is it a city? Is it a dump, or is it quite pretty? I went to find out!

And true to it's name, Letchworth Garden City is a garden in a city!

Letchworth has got bins, people, houses and cars, and two chimneys spewing
toxis fumes into the environment. Whoo!

Why not take a decoration tip from the good folk of Letchworth? If you've got any old fences, or gates that you've robbed from a football ground or something, than why not screw them to the side of your house and put some plastic flowers in them. I think you'll agree, it looks beautiful!

Letchworth is also known for it's abundance of factories. I went to a factory that made bits for cars. I'd rather have gone to a cat food factory, but they said I wasn't allowed in case I went poops!

In Letchworth they're trying out a new scheme, where they replace glass windows with wooden ones. I think you'll agree, the effect is spectacular.

Letchworth has got some very funny shop names, my favourites:
> Andrew Merry M.S.c F.C.O.p.t.o.m.
> 21CH, I think he was in Star Wars, The Phantom Menace
> Dead Swan
There was even a place called The Wynd! Pffrrt.

People think that Broadway is in New York, but no girlfriend. It's right here, in Letchworth Garden City! I went to see if I could find any plays. Sadly there were no productions open on Broadway, but I did see an old man with a carrier bag stuck to his foot!

So, to conclude:
> I didn't find out what a Letch was worth, but I think it's about £3.95.
> For legal reasons I have to retract my earlier statement about toxic waste
spewing from them two chimneys. It is in fact fresh air.
> for legal reasons, I must point out that '21CH' is not a character in 'Star
Wars: The Phantom Menace'. If he had have been, he would have been crud, like Jar Jar Binks. Oh, for legal reasons, I must retract this fact.

The Cat

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