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Cat's Britain - Goring

What delights are on offer in Goring?
Well, first I went to Goring highstreet. There wasn't a lot going on. But it was very pretty, and you can't put a price on that!

There's loads of new development in Goring, including an incredible house with a novelty open-air roof!

Now you might associate jazz with New Orleans, but Goring has a thriving underground jazz-scene. I met Bill, a jazz expert. We listened to some jazz together. Jazzy! I really love jazz music.

After my interesting chat with Bill I went to discover some more great places in Goring. It just kept getting better and better! I found a little worm, it was still alive, but I think it was trotten on.

I also chanced upon the Swan-lady of Goring, feeding her swans. Beautiful creature, and the swans were nice too.

Here are my top two facts about Goring:
1) Not many people know this but Goring has a thriving underground jazz scene.
2) Sadly, since making my film, our little worm friend has passed away.

I had a lovely time in Goring, there's lots to see and do!

The Cat

Watch my video diary!That's Bill, a jazz expertSadly, our little worm friend passed away