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Cat's Britain - Cleethorpes

Yes, I've been to Cleethorpes. They had this brilliant welcome sing, although
it did look a bit like it was done by a three-year-old on a personal computer! I knew I was going to love the place!

Aren't birds brilliant. They had some lovely seaguls in Cleethorpes. I would've liked to eat them - I mean, meet them. Birds are just great fun, they're so special. But they're even more special with their feathers plucked of and with gravy on their head.

I had 50p on me so I decided to unwind on a virtual reality steam train!
It was great fun! Driving along, thinking about the by-gone age, the age of steam.

I was getting hungry, but everything was shut! There was a flashing tunnel tunnel though, leading to one place that wasn't shut, a state-of-the-art modern discoteque on stilts!

I went in, for dancing and for fizzy drinks, and a bit of old-fashioned shoe-sniffing!

What a bobby-dazzler of a time I had in Cleethorpes!

The Cat

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