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Cat's Britain - Chatteris

Chatteris! They had a church, an M, a P, a WC, a cup of tea, fork spoon (no knives) and a bed! Whoo, and that was just their welcome sign!

I saw an incredible street toothbrush. You had to see the action on the revolving brushes. Clean clean clean, taht's the way they like the streets in Chatteris.

I came past a house where the people had decided not to waste money on expensive curtains, they simply used cheap paint-on curtains. Inpractical, but a curtain revolution non the less.

I also conducted the world's first television interview with a car. It didn't work though.

After me interview with a car I went car crazy in Chattris. I spoke to a local car dealer and he sold me a car for 300 quid, which is quite reasonable. Very reasonable in fact for the tat he sold me.

To entertain the locals, I booked myself on stage in Chatteris' entertainment hot-spot. I was good, the audience wasn't.

Here are my three favourite words that you can find in the word Chatteris:
1) CAT, that's me!
2) Add an H and you get CHAT, which is what I like to do!
3) Take away the CHAT and you've got ERIS. Oh, that's not a word. Oh well, onwards and upwards.

I had a wonderful day in Chatteris. It was truly speckle-tickle-tacular!

The Cat

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