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Chute! Video clips

Watch the best bits again online! Video clips are in the .wmv format and can be played with most media players.

CBBC Clips
> SMart: Ross Lee joins the SMart gang (16 September 2007)
> CBBC Trailer: New programmes on the all new CBBC!
> CBBC continuity: Coming up next, Chute!
> CBBC continuity: More Chute! next week

Ross Lee on TMi
> Mark tries on Ross's clothes
> Ross explains how to do 'outtakes'
> Mark challenges Ross to a face-off
> Mark and Ross play a game of hide-and-seek
> Mark and Ross make a prank call to Sam
> Ross gets Mark narked
These flash video clips appeared on the BBC's TMi webspace during the second series of the show.

Episode 1
> Welcome down the chute!
> Cats singing Dragostea din Tei
> I'm In The Mood For Dancing
> Raven ends up down the chute
> Ross's song: The Worm

Episode 2
> Ross can do magic!
> It's Dick and Dom in da Bungalow!
> Bill Oddie ends up down the chute
> Ross sings about his magic pantry
> Ross's self-made clip (Mika, Grace Kelly)

Episode 3
> Extreme Ironing World Cup
> You've got something in your eye...
> The Serious-adventurers end up down the Chute
> Giant guinea pigs
> Birds Of Britain

Episode 4
> Baked Potato Changed My Life
> Paul and Barry Chuckle end up down the chute!
> It's Da Bungalow's Baby Race!
> Very useful scientific facts about Bunnies
> Frank Spencer's roller skating