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Chute! Guests

> Episode 1 - Raven
Raven, also known as James Mackenzie, is an ancient Scottish warlord. He's the host of the hit CBBC game show of the same name. He is both serious and dryly humorous, urging and pushing his warriors to do their best in the challenges they have to face. He is able to change into a Raven at will. Down the chute, Raven set Ross a challenge to remove a faulty tape from the video recorder in a limited amount of time.


> Episode 2 - Bill Oddie
Bill Oddie is well known as an ornithologist, conservationist and natural history presenter. He has written and presented hundreds of TV and radio programmes.
He's often called 'Britain's best-known birdwatcher'. There aren't much birds down the chute, but it's the only place where you can watch video tapes in their natural habitat.

Bill Oddie

> Episode 3 - Ben Major
Ben Major, expedition coordinator and leader, is best known from the CBBC's Serious Andes, Serious Ocean and Serious Amazon programmes. He has a military background having served with the British Army for 9 years. He's an accomplished climber and an experienced sailor
. His latest cellar expedition went wrong however, and Ben found himself down the chute with Ross Lee, with a giant guinea pig chasing after him.

Ben Major

> Episode 4 - Chuckle Brothers
Paul and Barry Chuckle are two comedians, best known for their work on children's television. Their hit CBBC show ChuckleVision celebrated it's 20th anniversary in September 2007, and their "To Me, To You" catchphrase is recognisable to almost everyone. Down the chute, they found Ross Lee doing silly impressions and were attacked by a giant moustache monster!

The Chuckle Brothers

> Episode 5 - Lizo Mzimba
Lizo Mzimba is a presenter of CBBC news programme Newsround, which he joined in 1998. He is well known for his love of Harry Potter and once interviewed author JK Rowling on a train. He ended up down the chute to do a story about a hidden treasure, but was surprised to learn that Ross thinks Dermot Murnaghan is the best ever newsreader.

Lizo Mzimba

> Episode 6 - Weasley Twins
Fred and George Weasley, better known as the Weasley Twins, are two Harry Potter characters. They attend the world-famous magic school Hogwarts, but
are troublemakers, and are more interested in coming up with new pranks than studying. They venture down the chute to get their hands on Ross's exclusive Harry Potter tape. The Weasley Twins are played by James and Oliver Phelps.

The Weasley Twins

> Episode 7 - Dick and Dom
These two kings of Saturday mornings need no introduction. Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood, loved by kids for their mischievous behaviour, were the two presenters of the BAFTA award-winning show "Dick and Dom in da Bungalow", which featured the game "Bogies", in which the presenters have to take it in turns to shout the word bogies out loud in various public places. They were sent down the chute for being too naughty.

Dick and Dom