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Chute! Episode Guide

> Episode 1 - Raven - 27 September 2007
Ross Lee finds himself trapped down the depths of Television Centre, where he keeps himself entertained by watching the video tapes surrounding him. Today, CBBC's mysterious Raven comes to the rescue! Or maybe not...

Episode 1

> Episode 2 - Bill Oddie - 4 October 2007
Bill Oddie teaches Ross how to watch birds (or video tapes, as the case may be), but ends up as a cardboard cut-out. Ross tries his hand at magic, but fails terribly, and he finds a tape with hilarious clips from Dick and Dom in da Bungalow!

Episode 2

> Episode 3 - Ben Major - 11 October 2007
Today, Serious expedition leader Ben Major ends up down the chute when his latest cellar expedition doesn't go according to plan. Things go from bad to worse when he reveals that a giant guinea pig is out to get him.

Episode 3

> Episode 4 - Chuckle Brothers - 18 October 2007
Ross is showing off his priceless "Chuckle Gold" video tape when the Chuckle Brothers arrive. Then, a giant moustache monsters wreaks havoc and nearly eats Barry! Will the Chuckle Brothers get out of the chute alive?

Episode 4

> Episode 5 - Lizo Mzimba - 25 October 2007
When Newsround's Lizo Mzimba ends up down the chute to do a story about a hidden treasure, he's annoyed that not him, but Dermot Murnaghan is Ross's favourite newsreader. However, Ross can't quite pronounce his name...

Episode 5

> Episode 6 - Weasley Twins - 1 November 2007
In a bid to retrieve a priceless video tape with a preview of the next Harry Potter film, the Weasley Twins venture down the chute. Will their offer of a bag full of new tapes tempt Ross to give away the treasure?

Episode 6

> Episode 7 - Dick and Dom - 8 November 2007
Saturday morning saviours Dick and Dom are sent down the chute for being naughty. They're desperate to escape and are counting on the British public to vote them out. In the meantime, they share their favourite TV moments with Ross.

Episode 7

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