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Chute! Episode 4
First broadcast: Thursday 18 October 2007, BBC ONE, 5pm

Ross is showing off his priceless "Chuckle Gold" video tape when the Chuckle Brothers arrive. Then, a giant moustache monsters wreaks havoc and nearly eats Barry! Will the Chuckle Brothers get out of the chute alive?

BBC Sports News reports from the World Insect Eating Championships in Antwerp, whilst Ross finds another Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow video tape and sings about babies.

Today's selection of video tapes includes:
> A bird that can imitate sounds from the forest: cameras, car alarms, ...
> Matt Lucas sings about potatoes
> The Chuckle Brothers sing their hit song "Silly Me, Silly You"
> The World Insect Eating Championships
> Da Bungalow's Baby Race
> Very useful scientific facts about Rayman's Bunnies
> Strange singers
> CBBC's Stitch Up: the chef's running around like a headless chicken...
> Strictly Come Falling Over
> Frank Spencer's not good at roller skating
> BBC News Headlines: Hollywood star Babe to replace Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic 2 and The Royal Filth Harmonic Orchestra is told to clean up its act
> Jim'll Fix It: eating on the Revolution
> Mr Keys comes to a horrible end...

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Video clips
> Baked Potato Changed My Life
> Paul and Barry Chuckle end up down the chute!
> It's Da Bungalow's Baby Race!
> Very useful scientific facts about Bunnies
> Frank Spencer's roller skating

> Coming soon!


It's Chuckle Gold!
Attack of the giant moustache monster!
Paul Chuckle with a bucket