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Chute! Episode 3
First broadcast: Thursday 11 October 2007, BBC ONE, 5pm

Today, Serious expedition leader Ben Major ends up down the chute when his latest cellar expedition doesn't go according to plan. Things go from bad to worse when he reveals that a giant guinea pig is out to get him. The guinea pigs want their revenge on Ben after he ate one on his expedition to the Andes. And Ross reveals he's a bit on a mountain-ear himself.

Today's selection of video tapes includes:
> Propelling Diddy-men
> Match Of The Day: The Extreme Ironing World Cup
> Ross's self-made video clip: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
> The Flashing Blade is back!
> The Hungry Frog
> More from The Goodies' Kitten Kong
> Serious Andes: Frostbite and urine dispensers
> Little Frog Of Horrors
> BBC Foul Ups: Blue Peter's Gethin Jones sneezes at the camera
> Le Corbussier et Papin dans La Rue Crouton (Crouton St.)
> BBC News headlines
> Dinosaur animation
> Top Gear: who's faster?
> The Guinea pigs take revenge
> Birds Of Britain

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Video clips
> Extreme Ironing World Cup
> You've got something in your eye...
> The Serious-adventurers end up down the Chute
> Giant guinea pigs
> Birds Of Britain

> A royal visitor in the dressing room
> Interactive TV: say your name now!
> Going up, up, up!
> There's the Monster again!
> What is Ross's mum doing now?
> A video tape in case of emergency
> BBC Television Presents...
> Let me clean your eye for you
> Ben Major ends up down the chute
> The Flashing Blade is back
> Serious Chute Diaries
> Ross used to be a mountain-ear
> Who switched off the lights?
> Funny things happen when the lights go out
> Ross is singing again!
> Blue Peter's Zoe Salmon spills her tea
> Tracy Beaker's car doesn't start
> Bless you, Gethin!
> A visit to Crouton St.
> It's the giant guinea pig!
> A Top Gear challenge
> The giant guinea pig is back
> Birds Of Britain
> Let me take a picture of you, before you go...
> Picture of the week

Ross is a mountainEAR!
Frostbite is a nasty thing...
Guinea pigs are delicious