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Chute! Episode 2
First broadcast: Thursday 4 October 2007, BBC ONE, 5pm

Ross cheats during a game of Jenga, tries his first hand at magic but terribly fails, and Bill Oddie learns him how to be a perfect birdwatcher. We also get our very first glimpse of the Monster and Ross discovers never to put your hand in the video recorder...

Today's selection of video tapes includes:
> BBC Foul Ups: Blue Peter's Gething Jones trumps and Simon Thomas gets hit by a rugby ball
> Two comedians, and a dog?
> Hilarious clips from Dick and Dom in da Bungalow
> The Flashing Blade
> Bill Oddie's birdwatching
> A Guinness World Record attempt at eating cockroaches
> Little Britain's Lou and Andy go swimming
> A woman at an open audition develops a strange speech impidement
> Attack Of The Killer Black Puddings!
> BBC NEWS headlines
> Match Of The Day: world egg throwing championships
> Ross's very own video clip

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Video clips
> Ross can do magic!
> It's Dick and Dom in da Bungalow!
> Bill Oddie ends up down the chute
> Ross sings about his magic pantry
> Ross's self-made clip (Mika, Grace Kelly)

> David Beckham's in the dressing room
> Ross plays Jenga with video tapes
> Seems like Ross cheated!
> Ouch! Video tapes do hurt when they land on your head!
> BBC foul ups!
> Gethin Jones lets one go
> Things go wrong at The Make Shift
> Simon Thomas knocks over the table
> Simon Thomas gets hit by a rugby ball
> Ross gets his hand stuck in the video recorder
> Walking the dog?
> It's the Monster!
> Ross can do magic...
> ... or maybe not!
> It's Da Bungalow's carrot incident
> Things get messy in Da Bungalow
> Back on the box, Dick and Dom
> A split second of Creamy Muck Muck
> Bill Oddie's birdwatching
> Bill Oddie pays Ross a visit
> A bird gives Bill a video tape
> Tapes in their natural habitat
> Bill Oddie reveals his birdwatching secrets
> The secret is to stand really, really still
> Funny things happen when the lights go out
> It's the Monster again!
> The picture of the week

Bill Oddie can be very, very still...
Ross being electrocuted by the VCR
The things that happen when the lights go out!