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Chute! Episode 1
First broadcast: Thursday 27 September 2007, BBC ONE, 5pm

Ross Lee finds himself trapped down the depths of Television Centre, where he keeps himself entertained by watching the video tapes surrounding him. Today, CBBC's mysterious Raven comes to the rescue! Or maybe not...

Today's selection of video tapes includes:
> Strange cats singing "Dragostea din Tei"
> A tape with outtakes from CBBC's Smart and Blue Peter, and a trumping weightlifter!
> Animals dancing to "I'm In The Mood For Dancing", by the Nolans
> "Filed Away", a show that never made it on air
> Clips from CBBC's Raven
> The Goodies's Kitten Kong
> A clip about tripods
> The flatulent Mr. Methane performs in The Slammer's Freedom Show!
> A Guinness World Record with very 'elastic' arms
> The BBC NEWS headlines
> Ross's self-made video clip!
> The Cheese-rolling championships

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Video clips
> Welcome down the chute!
> Cats singing Dragostea din Tei
> I'm In The Mood For Dancing
> Raven ends up down the chute
> Ross's song: The Worm

> It's a BBC Tours pass!
> A tour round the Blue Peter garden
> Who's that in the dressing rooms?
> Down the chute...
> Hello there! Happened to you as well, has it?
> It's quite entertaining down here
> Dragostea din Tei
> I've always wanted to do this!
> Simon Thomas's a lady...
> Ross is in the mood for dancing
> Raven
> One of Raven's challenges
> Kitten Kong
> Mr Methane performs on The Slammer's Freedom Show
> Ross feels Christmassy
> It's a Guinness World Record
> Ross has made his own video montage!
> Cheese-rolling championships
> Credits - picture of the week

Happened to you as well, has it?
A dancing gorilla
CBBC's Raven