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Dick and Dom: school dunces!
The Sun - 26 October 2007
By Katie Cheeseman

Comedy duo Dick and Dom certainly know the answer to the question Do You Think You’re Smarter Than a 10 Year Old?, the new gameshow on which they’re sharing hosting duties with Noel Edmonds.

And that answer is a resounding 'No'.

“That was proved when we saw the questions. You forget the answers of things like, ‘What is an isosceles triangle?’,” Dom explains.

“We talked too much at school and didn’t do very well, as you can tell by the professions we’re in now.”

Dick adds: “Those kinds of maths questions, you don’t need them when you’re older.”

But there is one thing the two did enjoy at school.

“I liked Miss Jones, the art teacher. She was fit,” Dom says.

At least Dick has more sensitive motives for saying his favourite Sir was Mr Jackson.

“He was the geography teacher, you could chat to him and you wouldn’t feel like he was your teacher,” he says.

Before you get too misty eyed, Dick adds: “But I locked the art teacher in the cupboard. And put drawing pins on the floor.”

The two, famous for their often rude, often messy but always funny games on Dick and Dom in da Bungalow, present an earlier evening part of the show before Deal or No Deal host Noel takes the primetime slot.

Working at different times meant the two sets of presenters didn’t mingle much however – in fact they met Noel for about ‘10 seconds’.


“Lovely guy, very professional, does his job, goes home to have his sausage and mash,” they say.

But Dick and Dom are, of course, seasoned presenters and DJs in their own right after the success of TV shows like Dick and Dom in da Bungalow and their Radio 1 shows.

They met 11 years ago when, as Dick says: "Our eyes met across a crowded dancefloor."

"He was wearing heels..." Dom chips in.

In fact it was when they were both "runners at CBBC, making tea."

"Josie D'Arby, Chris Jarvis, Otis the Aardvaark, we were all about the same age and we hung out together," Dom says.

Kids love their naughtiness, but the two admit they "pushed the boundaries" and attracted numerous complaints from Ofcom and the Womens Institute trying to get them off air.

Dom describes one of their most controversial stunts: “Rich gave birth to about 50 muck muck babies which came flying out from between his legs.

“It was meant to be Michael Winner, but he did a runner before coming on the show. So we had to find another fat guy to do it."

Saturday night

Despite their popularity, the two say they’re NOT the next Ant and Dec.

Dick says: “You look at them and they’re brilliant at what they do but we’re different.

“We’re two guys about the same age who are best friends, but it’s like comparing Mitchell and Webb and Matt Lucas and David Walliams.”

“That’s not to say we wouldn’t do Saturday nights though,” Dom throws in suggestively.

In fact, the duo are in talks with production companies, ITV and the BBC about early Saturday night projects.

“Whoever gets there first wins the prize,” Dom says. “Which is ... us.”

For the moment, catch Dick and Dom on Are You Smarter Than a Ten Year Old at 5.00pm from November 12th on Sky One.

And watch Noel Edmonds in a new edition of the peak-time show this Sunday at 6:00pm on Sky One.

Outsmarted by children ... Dick and Dom