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Dick & Dom - Brave Bingo
Top Of The Pops magazine - 12 - 26 October 2005

Is there anyone you'd refuse to have in da bungalow?
Dom: Jade Goody. Why? Cos she's a talentless bird who earns too much money for doing sod all. It's wrong!
Dick: Kerry Katona. She's a talentless bird, too!

What did you dream about last night?
Dick: Nothing. I was in such a deep sleep! I dream a lot about football, though. I'm a big Manchester United fan so it constantly fills my dreams.
Dom: I dreamt about Dick's mother, actually. She was working in a pet shop selling tropical fish. Weird!

Have you ever pooped yourself in public?
Dom: Never!
Dick: I did once! I pooped my knickers, blackberry picking, had to walk home with my pants full of poo. It was horrible and my poor mum had to clean up the mess!

Do you live together and mess about like you do on telly?
Dick: We used to live together and muck around all the time, but now we don't.
Dom: Dick lives down the road, but we're grown up now. We don't mess around at home. We mess around elsewhere!

Did you ever try on your mum's bra when you were a nipper?
Dom: What? Tried on my mum's bra? Of course, not!
Dick: Well, I once put my mum's bra on my head for a laugh. My brother used to put make-up on me and dress me up in my mum's clothes. It really wasn't a good look!

What's each other's worst habit?
Dick: Dom never washes!
Dom: And Dick is always late. It's so annoying!

Who's been the moodiest guest on your show?
Dom: Rachel Stevens hated da bungalow!
Dick: Michael Winner, the bloke from those insurance adverts- 'Calm down, dear!' You know the ones? He was supposed to come on the show and dress as a baby covered in creamy muck muck but he stormed out and drove home!

What kind of wallpaper did you have in your bedroom growing up?
Dom: I had all these scary clowns on my walls. They'd come to life at night and really freak me out!
Dick: I didn't have wallpaper. I had signed pictures of television presenters all over my walls. I was obsessed with an early morning show called TV:AM and would write in all the time asking for signed postcards!

Have you ever caught each other getting steam with a girl?
Dom: Oh, yes!
Dick: When we lived together, Dom would always catch me snogging girls on the sofa.
Dom: Dick was a one-man pulling machine with a different girl each weekend. Som of them even had beards! ha-ha!

Who's the most famous person in your mobile?
Dom: [ancient TV magician] Paul Daniels. He's my hero!
Dick: The most famous person in mine is Dom.
Dom: Oh, and I got a text off JK [from JK and Joel] last night!

Is magic cheesy and over?
Dom: No way! There are about six different magic shows on television now and they're not cheesy at all. It's becoming cool again. It'll be all hip-hop and fly in no time!
Dick: I'm bored of magic, though! Dom's shown me how all the good tricks are done, so it's wasted on me now.

What's the ugliest part of your body?
Dom: Our bellies!
Dick: Yeah, they're getting bigger and bigger. It's a shame, but we're looking more and more like Harold Bishop every day! Ha-Ha!

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