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You won't believe what we've done!
Smash Hits Magazine - October 2005

You must have plenty of embarrassing moments. Right?
Dick: That’s right! Ever since we’ve been little, we’ve had shameful episodes. You won’t believe what we’ve done!
Dom: Oh my god, yes! My parents were called into school once when I was five because I’d been caught looking up a girl’s skirt.
Dick: I think Dom was embarrassed when his mum came on our show wearing a Santa outfit and started kissing me.

Do the staff on Da Bungalow often spring surprises like that on you?
Dom: Oh yeah, all the time. The producers surprised us once by doing a This is Your Life on us, bringing out old teachers and school friends. Each one got covered in gunge. That scene ended up winning an award!

Any other cringey TV disasters?
Dom: I once got through to the grand final of Young Magician of the Year. I started doing a trick with doves, but one of them flew away, hit a light and fell onto the floor. The music stopped, so I legged it backstage, thinking I’d lost, in the end it turned out that I’d won! It still made me cringe, though.

You know what they say. Never work with children or……
Dick: Animals, definitely. A spider monkey at a safari park once popped on me. They tell you that you can’t touch them, but they can jump on you! One jumped on my head and did a little poo on my shoulder.

Ugh! Moving on have you ever done anything silly while smooching a girl?
Dick: My friends once caught me snogging a French exchange student in the woods. I wouldn’t have minded, but it was my first-ever kiss!
Dom: My most cringey girl moment came when I was taking my exams and I wrote “I Love Rowan” on the desk. She then ended up sitting at that table for the next exam!

Oh dear. Are bogies ever a source of embarrassment?
Dick: I sneezed on a bus once and I didn’t have a tissue. There was snot everywhere!
Dom: I once took a girl on a first date and we had Mexican food. I ate fajitas and made so much mess – we didn’t have a second date….

Ever had any holiday howlers?
Dick: I once jumped into a swimming pool and my shorts fell down!
Dom: I slipped on a banana skin while carrying a tray of drinks. I wouldn’t have minded, but it was in front of some girls I was trying to impress.

Lastly, what would Constable Christian lock you up for?
Dick: I wore lime green shirts when they were really fashionable, and used to tuck my jumpers into my jeans.
Dom: I used to wear waistcoats all the time.
Dick: Basically, we used to be really unfashionable….and we still are!

Smash Hits - you won't believe what we've done

   Scans by Lauren Boughton