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My poker life: Dick and Dom inda Poker room
http://www.williamhillpoker.com - 8 October 2004

Children's TV used to consist of 'Swap Shop' and Philip Schofield entertaining himself with a furry animal (which incidentally he now appears to wear on his head) but Saturday morning kids' TV has had a facelift. The presenters lifting the faces of our children these days are getting more daring by the minute.

'Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow' (BBC 1 9.00am each Saturday) features groundbreaking material in the form of 'Kiss Dick Quick' 'Bogies' 'Creamy Muck Muck' and 'The Man Banger Trophy' and is reminiscent of 'The Simpsons' in that the humour has a clever adult edge.

Here the new Ant and Dec tell us how their enjoyment of poker helps them unwind...

"We discovered poker in our teens and used to play Texas hold em for household chores,' says Dom. 'The beauty for me was the cunning subtleties of a true game of skill, I like nothing more than winding Dick up with a little verbal banter and then watching him try to work out what hand I have got. The more friends that got involved in the poker school the better the atmosphere and even when the stakes are small the enjoyment is still the same."

Dick's view is slightly different.
"Dom is a bluffer, I used to call him all the time as he could be holding anything but I had to change my strategy as I was getting fed up with his constant ribbing. These days my game is much better and I am learning to bully the table a little to get those extra chips. The worm has turned and it is now Dom having to make those all important decisions."

As magician of the year in 1997, Dom knows how to make the cards work for him and although he was 'asked to leave' the magic circle in 2000 he sees many similarities between poker and magic. "Magician's use subterfuge and the power of suggestion to trick the audience into believing something is happening only to produce a surprise ending in much the way that good poker players can play and win any hand without having the necessary cards. Winning a hand when you have nothing is the best feeling in poker but I have learnt to be more selective with my bluffs."

"Yeah... and producing straight flushes from up your sleeve is a big advantage too," laughs Dick. "We do pull Dom's leg about pulling good hands out of a hat and tell him not to deal from the bottom but he takes it in good heart and just tells us he is the best player... that is why he wins."

"We play these days for small amounts and to be honest we enjoy the banter and the bragging rites more, if we ever played for more money it might take away the enjoyment and where is the fun in that? Winning a couple of quid off your mate and bragging about it for a week is great fun and adds a little edge to the game."

"We started playing online earlier this year and enjoyed the smaller stakes tournaments on William Hill and the best result we have had was Dom's fifth place finish in one of the Grand Prix heats which paid for many more tournaments. Dom talked about it for days and analysed almost every hand he had played at the final table. The banter on the site is the friendliest we have come across and certainly adds to the enjoyment."