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Dick and Dom in da school
http://www.bbc.co.uk/southampton - July 2004

Chaos reigned when CBBC presenters Dick and Dom invaded the TV studio at Park Community School in Leigh Park, Havant.

The staff at Park Community School took no chances when they heard that they were to receive a visit from the livewire hosts of the CBBC show Dick & Dom In da Bungalow.

Earlier in the year, 800 pupils had gone bananas when EastEnders star Christopher Parker opened the new TV studio at the School.
This time, things would be more sedate. Only a small group of pupils from after-school media clubs would be allowed to meet the celebs.
Dick and Dom were sneaked into the school during classes on Friday, 9 July, unseen by most students.

Loop the Loop
But in the studio, it was still complete madness. Dick and Dom don't do restrained calm - they do chaos.

Their young hosts just about managed to keep their heads, carrying on their roles behind the scenes and in front of the cameras.

The two TV presenters were meant to be answering questions from the studio audience of Year 8 and Year 9 pupils, but they couldn't help taking over.
At one point they even grabbed the boom operator's microphone, and tried to unsteady him by tickling him under the arms.

Global audience
The tables were turned afterwards, though, when Dick and Dom were asked to try their hands as director and floor manager, under the guidance of the pupils.
They finished the visit by signing autographs and posing for group pictures, before being sneaked out of the school again.

Later on, some of the pupils joined them at a party at the BBC South studios in Southampton, where they linked up with Radio 2 presenter Jeremy Vine as part of an in-house awards scheme.

BBC staff around the world heard Dom tell one of the pupils to call the host "Jeremy Vine Tomatoes."

Dick and Dom in da school