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A selection of newspaper and magazine articles about Dick, Dom and Da Bungalow.

October 2007
> Dick and Dom: school dunces!

August 2007
> Unknowns give the Kiss of life to radio ratings

May 2007
> Dick and Dom at Truckfest 2007

March 2006
> Radio Times: Bogie boys

February 2006
> Q Magazine: Dick and Dom out of da Bungalow
> Girl Talk: Child's play

January 2006
> Dandy: Korky The Cat cartoon
> Toxic Magazine: Go go Dick and Dom

December 2005
> TOTP Magazine: Prank it up
> Mizz: King for a day
> It's Hot: Elves' Bells

October 2005
> TOTP Magazine: Brave bingo
> Smash Hits: You won't believe what we've done

September 2005
> Girl Talk: Dick and Dom go back to school
> Smash Hits: How to be a TV presenter

April 2005
> Big Time: Bye-bye Bungalow?!

February 2005
> Times Magazine: Here come the bogeymen

January 2005
> Off The Telly: Is it too soon to nominate the best TV programme of 2005?

December 2004
> BBC Press Office: Christmas chaos with Dick and Dom

November 2004
> The Guardian: Snot funny
> Big Time: Are you down with da Bungalow?

October 2004
> My Poker Life: Dick and Dom in da poker room
> It's Hot: Are you as sick as Dick?

August 2004
> Sunday Magazine: Dick and Dom in da house

July 2004
> Sport Relief: Dick and Dom reporting for Sport Relief '04
> BBC Southampton: Dick and Dom in da school

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